Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

We complain that young people act like children.  Why shouldn’t they?


A Minnesota resident can start having sex and get a driver’s license at 16, abortions and cigarettes at 18, and liquor and beer at 21; but he doesn’t have to get his own health insurance until 26.

Is that when he’s finally grown-up enough to be responsible for taking care of himself?  Is that when he becomes an “adult?”  Why would anybody want to be an adult when all the good stuff is available to kids?

Want to reform behavior?  Make the ages all the same and vigorously enforce the law.  No fun until you’re an adult in all respects.

Now, what age should that be?

Joe Doakes

When they can pay their own rent for a year without help. Could be 17, could be 35.

In an unrelated matter?  The whole notion of “fetal viability” in the abortion debate is a red herring.  A “fetus” isn’t vital until it can get a job, a place of its own, and start its own 401K.

4 thoughts on “Threshold

  1. The 26 thing is just an admission that we have a bad system, made worse by the ACA yet people clap their hands like North Koreans for it.

    We need to switch to a ***Politically Forced Universal Coverage*** system—a very stripped down, 10K deductible Swiss System— to iron out all of the problems. The problem is the Left will hijack it eventually. We are in a very, very bad spot.

  2. This is must read from King Banaian

    Cross subsidization is a disaster. It is regressive taxation. But the GOP is too inept to explain this.

    The ACA is obviously a Cloward and Piven plan to force single payer. I honestly can see violence happening someday to make up for this crap when the government runs out of money and all of the power with the mandarins and the Fed / government / tech / gated community socialist parasites.

  3. The GOP should have done a one year anti-propoganda tour first before trying to repeal the ACA. The Leftist flack they are taking at town halls is a complete waste of time.

    The Left spent 5 million dollars on one Leftist PR in one month during the ACA repeal process. Given that the average Democrat is so stupid, it’s tough to defeat that.

  4. I never realized what a grumpy old man you are.

    Reuse said three things show you’re grown up –

    1. You have a job.
    2. You drive a car that starts at 0 degrees.
    3. You can move without bugging your friends and family.

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