The Long Con

Matt Windschitl called out “Iowa Gun Owners” as a scam from the floor of the Iowa state legislature.    We’ve met Windschitl in this space before; I’ve interviewed him on my show,

Iowa Gun Owners is the Iowa “branch” of the “Minnesota Gun Rights”. – which is a misnomer, as MGR actually is headquartered in Iowa.

Windschitl savaged IGO for taking credit for Iowa’s recent passage of “Stand Your Ground” legislation, pointing out that not a single legislator had heard from Aaron Dorr, and the group had not even registered as lobbyists.

The TV story shown in the link above notes that Aaron Dorr doesn’t take a salary “from the group”, and that most of the group’s  nearly $300,000 in donations went to “direct mail” expenses.

Unmentioned;  the Dorr Brothers own the direct mail company that serves IGO, Minnesota Gun Rights, and several other state gun and pro-life groups.

This is the first serious media attention that’s been paid to the Dorr brothers’ operations.  It should not be the last.

3 thoughts on “The Long Con

  1. Follow the money. Somewhere along the line, I would not be surprised if the trail will lead to Bloomberg, using Dorrs as guinea pigs for his “insider” influence to sabotage real 2nd amendment agenda.

  2. jpa,

    I still get newsletters and solicitations from those two about once a week, even though I unsubscribe every time.

    You probably have a point, though. Bloomberg is the absolute worst type of RINO, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Dorr brothers are running a deep state operation.

  3. “…..the Dorr Brothers own the direct mail company…….”

    Lecherous self serving bastards.

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