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  1. There is a scifi program on Hulu called Time After Time. The story is that H.G. Wells really did invent a time machine, and Jack the ripper has stolen it, fled to our time, and H.G. Wells has followed him to 2017.
    At one point, JtR tells H.G. Wells that he loves America in the 21st first century because you can just walk into a gun shop and buy an arsenal. Wells looks suitably horrified.
    It’s a lie on so many levels. In 1900 an Englishman could buy an arsenal from a hardware store, no questions asked. A little later in the 20th century he had to purchase a gun permit, but it was a tax thing. You bought your permit at the post office. Serious gun control didn’t start in England until after World War One.
    And, of course, the television series treats Wells as thought he were a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne.
    Wells was a crypto-fascist who endorsed euthanasia and genocide. His purpose in writing The Time Machine was to illustrate the idea that class conflict was the engine of history.

  2. It strikes me that if a person gets to adulthood without knowing many ways that they could injure or kill other people if they so desired, you’ve got to question whether they’re really competent to live in this world or even basically aware.

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