Asking The Questions That Need To Be Answered

I have a mission for you all.

Read this article.

Then vote below – is it satire, or is it straight.

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I have read it a few times, now, and my opinion changes with each time I read each paragraph.  I literally can not decide.

15 thoughts on “Asking The Questions That Need To Be Answered

  1. Read his bio on HuffPo
    Matthew Terrell Idea Capital grant recipient; Queer Southern writer/photographer/artist
    Real, so fucking real. I just posted a Facebook article earlier this week about how milk, yes milk, is racist and its standards for drinking it are detremential to black people. If needed I’ll provide a link. Or just Google, milk is racist, and you will be bleeding out your earholes.

  2. The beauty of this piece of writing is if you change the subject to anti-miscegenation this could have been written in 1890 by any Democrat to persuade his brethren to pass a Jim Crow law. Nothing really changes with these people.

  3. Count me in the satire column. Not that it can’t be both.. I base this on the final paragraph.

    “To be culturally sensitive, we must only consume cultural products of our own race. Any sort of racial mixing is verboten. Afterall, culture is not meant to evolve. It is a sacred, ancient thing that must never change.”

  4. True, so true. Just think of all the DG and eTASS screeds that passed through this blog. It is but a reflection of their groupthink, their latest talking points.

  5. I think it’s for real–just look at the other stuff he’s written. And really, if I’m right, he needs to be asked about his “cultural appropriation” of coffee, sweet tea (he’s a Southerner after all and tea is from India), chocolate, denim, any music inspired by blues/black Gospel, okra, any beer or wine not from the regions populated by his ancestors, ties, various styles of shoes….

    ….honestly, how anybody with a couple of functioning brain cells can fall for “cultural appropriation” nonsense is just beyond me. Without cultural appropriation, most of us would be dead. Long live cultural appropriation!

  6. “So unless you are wearing the cloth of your people, you better have on a joyless smock.”

    I would’ve voted for Real until I read this quote about smocks. I also think the final paragraph should be a tipoff, but academics have done such a good job miseducating people that some could actually believe that specific Cultures sprung up as they are now instead of evolving over the centuries.

  7. I think its real because he hasn’t written an article since, he somehow got this up there, someone read it and fired his ass.

  8. Real or fake, at least he hasn’t surrendered to the homonym Nazis. There and Their; Who’s and Whose; knowing the difference and insisting writers use words correctly is White Patriarchal Oppression.

    Be Free!

  9. bikebubba on March 20, 2017 at 10:59 am said:
    ….honestly, how anybody with a couple of functioning brain cells can fall for “cultural appropriation” nonsense is just beyond me.

    It is about power, not culture.

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