It Works In So Many Ways

While it’s not statutorily legal, even under the French legal system, I love this idea on so many levels.

The caption, “Oui On Peut”, is French for “Sure, what the hell, it’s not the dumbest idea to come out of the French left in the past sixty years”. Seriously.

American liberals would reflexively attack anyone who claimed He wasn’t actually born in France as a racist.

And John F. Kerry, stricken with jealousy, would no doubt leave the country to run against him.

4 thoughts on “It Works In So Many Ways

  1. Soros may be able to create a birth certificate showing Barry was born in Marseille or Paris.

  2. I’m not so sure it’s so far out bounds as far as the French rules as you might think. It’s been a while, but I believe that you just have to be a French citizen to be president there; there’s nothing about “natural born” in their rules. If that’s the case, he can certainly get citizenship fairly easily if there’s enough demand.

    But I hope they succeed. Can you imagine The Won trying to deal with The Donald? To be a fly on the wall when they talked!!!

  3. Given that Barry spent years in Indonesia without apparently learning the language, despite being of prime age to learn a second language, God help him in Paris if he should move there. The French are very welcoming to those who at least try, but not when it’s clear that you don’t give a rip. And that’s where Obama has found himself a LOT.

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