8 thoughts on “We Shall Call Him “Bluto”

  1. Like any good democrat, I’m sure his supporters will vote as many times as they can get away with. 😉

  2. Ellison has an undergrad degree from Wayne State (econ), and a graduate degree from the University of Minnesota (JD).

  3. the Democrats might as well become a 3rd party at that point. Hakim X will do wonders for the cause

  4. Whatever we do, don’t ever let Hakim X near a speedball or the Chateau Marmont. He’s too valuable to us.

  5. And the look on Hakim X’s face when he’s corrected about the party of George Wallace is just priceless. It’s like he is realizing exactly what those “smart pills” that he bought at the county fair were or something.

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