When Mob Justice Isn’t Good Enough

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Computer hackers got into the hotel’s electronic key system and locked guests out of their rooms until management paid a ransom.

 It’s a variation on the ransom-ware scam being used with other computer users.  Pay up or you won’t get your system back.

 This is modern-day piracy.  There should be world-wide jurisdiction to pursue them, and bounties paid for their scalps.  

 Joe Doakes

No argument here.  In fact, we‘ve touched on this before.

4 thoughts on “When Mob Justice Isn’t Good Enough

  1. Was there a reason the hotel’s key card system was on an externally-accessible machine? If so, periodic off-site backups might’ve made the ransomware a nuisance– Re-image the PC(s) controlling the system, restore from backups, and you’re back in business. And maybe tighten up the firewall or take the system off-line while you’re at it.

    Events like this do have a silver lining: They sometimes wake up the complacent who value convenience over security.

  2. I’m fine with offering bounties for digital pirates who use ransomeware – preferably the kind the offers the same bounty whether they’re brought in dead or alive.

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