Would You Like To Take Another Pass At That?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION, ANYTHING-TO-STOP-THE-BLEEDING ISSUE: California’s New Bar Exam Format And ABA’s Proposed 75% Bar Passage Requirement Will Adversely Impact Diversity, Women, And Access To The Legal Profession.

 Implied message: women and minorities are not as smart as white men.

 When your best argument against raising standards is that dumb people won’t be able to become bad lawyers, you should sit down and shut up.

 Joe Doakes

I sometimes think that liberalism is a byproduct of damage to the brain’s logic center.

On the other hand, it shows some ability to think about unintended consquences, albeit they seem to turn it on and off pretty fast.

11 thoughts on “Would You Like To Take Another Pass At That?

  1. Don’t members of the bar have the right to protect their profession? Is there a formal complaint process? I’d be pissed as hell if my professional accreditation was cheapened.

  2. BTW. The Catholic church has been beset by a lack of men entering Seminary for decades. Poverty and starvation was a prime motivator for many families to send their sons off in decades past, but the social safety net in America and England’s acceptance of the Geneva conventions really put the hurt on the intake of candidates; MTV didn’t help either, probably. One of the things they did to stop the bleeding was to accept “celibate” homosexuals.

    Worked out super.

  3. This explains a lot about the legal profession–you have to dig to figure out how it’s done, but apparently they’re tweaking the bar exam in such a way as to favor certain groups, of which the “legal customer” is not one. I’d guess it keeps going simply because of what every lawyer joke I’ve ever heard insinuates; that a plurality or majority of lawyers are politically biased and not terribly ethical about the matter.

  4. We have roughly 7 times the number of lawyers per capita as Japan. Maybe we ought to RAISE the score required to pass the test? Heaven knows the idiot lawyer they sent to defend Trump’s immigration orders (the same one they sent to “defend” DOMA and lose, should never have passed the bar.

  5. The ABA reminds me of the NCAA. Not so much in this issue, but just in general. You have an organization that has a monopoly and power hungry lefties tend to gravitate towards running organizations where they can rule over others.

  6. A good leader does this: Don’t treat the symptoms, resolve the underlying problem. By lowering the standards to celebrate diversity does nothing. It just makes things worse for everyone. Instead ask why minorities aren’t performing as while as white men (or whatever the issue is) and try to solve that. See new Dept of Education head.

  7. Chuck on February 10, 2017 at 11:04 am said:
    A good leader does this: Don’t treat the symptoms, resolve the underlying problem.

    That would be your systemic racism. The problem is that systemic racism is a tautology. Systematically racist inputs are whatever causes systematically racist outcomes.

  8. Instead ask why minorities aren’t performing as while as white men..

    An attempt to answer that question was made once. I think the researcher was boiled in oil.

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