If The Media Didn’t Have Double Standards Yadda Yadda Yadda

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Ivanka went on a date while Liberals were busy protesting in airports.  How dare she?  She should be wearing sack cloth and ashes to atone for the sins of the man who was elected to do what he is doing.

Two thoughts: first, what happened to the “Leave the Children Out of It” policy regarding Presidential offspring?  She’s not the President, she’s not out there making stump speeches for him, she’s not responsible for what he says or does.  Leave her out of it.

 Second, the reaction is quite a contrast to the total silence when The Light Bringer was golfing, or beaching, or just lazing about watching the playoffs as soldiers got killed or ambassadors dragged through the streets.  Almost as if there’s some sort of, I dunno, maybe a double standard?

 Joe Doakes

I’m pretty convinced that:

  1. The Democrats’ current messaging strategy is “just say whatever we need to, because gullible peoples’ votes count as much as anyone’s.  Consistency, logic and ethics are for those square-state rubes”.
  2. The big media are just fine with that, and playing along with enthusiasm.

27 thoughts on “If The Media Didn’t Have Double Standards Yadda Yadda Yadda

  1. Interesting fact: Ivanka Trump is 35 yrs old. Ivanka’s husband; Jared Kushner is a senior advisor to the president. Not bad for a couple of “children”.

  2. Oh, Emery, they attacked Palin’s kids, she was never president or vice president, and her kids had nothing to do with politics.
    Recognize the double standard.

  3. If you want the media to attack Ivanka for policy work, that’s fair game. I’m not convinced what she does in her off time matters. But it’s par for the course and a very old game; Rod Grams was apparently responsible for his son’s misdeeds, while Al Gore had no responsibility whatsoever for what his son did. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, as they say in Fridley.

  4. Hey! I’m from Fridley! Go Tigers!

    French aphorisms are a big deal in Fridley. But you knew that.

  5. Recognize the double standard.

    Wooly One, you are preaching to the ‘facts” boy.

  6. I try to stick with English.
    Qui court deux lievres a la fois, n’en prend aucun

  7. in the case of eTASS, I think following suits better Il n’y a pas plus sourd que celui qui ne veut pas entendre. No?

  8. JPA, the quality of left punditry is awful. You can tell by the excessive number of adjectives they use. There is more diversity of thought on the right than there is on the Left. On the Right you’ve got free traders, free marketeers who believe in open borders, patriots who want closed borders, religious catholics, populists, anti-populists, etc. The left is uniformly statist and bien-pensant. They literally cannot form an argument, they can only shout people down, call them names, and mindlessly repeat talking points. The rhetoric of Nobel Prize winner Krugman is at the same level as right wing shock jock Michael Savage. In tone and substance, the editorial pages of the Washington Post match what you will in the Oscar acceptance speeches later this month.

  9. Interesting alternative fact: Trump actually has a 10 year old child. As apposed to a daughter who is a 35 year old woman with a child.

  10. Interesting alternative fact: Trump actually has a 10 year old child. As apposed to a daughter who is a 35 year old woman with a child.

    So what?

  11. And leftist amoral reprobates left Barron alone. Right? RIGHT? Keep digging, your head may still find its way out by going deeper into your colon.

  12. It’s so good to see, regarding Barron Trump, that the left hasn’t taken cheap shots at him like accusing him of being autistic or something.


  13. The “leave children out of it” policy is grounded in the notion of individual responsibility as opposed to guilt-by-association.

    I am responsible for my actions. My children – whatever their ages – are not responsible for my actions; therefore, people should not attempt to hold them responsible for my actions.

    Donald Trump issued an Executive Order. Ivanka did not issue the order, Barron Trump did not issue the order, Trump’s second-cousin-once-removed did not issue the order, so NONE of them are responsible for the order and NONE of them should be attacked on account of the order.

    Conservatives abided by that policy – they didn’t attack Clinton’s daughter or Obama’s daughters. Liberals have not abided by that policy.

    Liberals act as if it’s fair and reasonable and appropriate to apply guilt-by-association as justification to attack a child, a grandchild, a second-cousin-once-removed, an employer, a co-worker, a stranger sitting on an airplane, a passer-by walking down the street, because of something Trump has done. But they howl with outrage when we suggest that since nearly all terrorists are Muslims, then we should screen all Muslims for terrorists.

    Alinksy’s Rule #4 is “Hold them to their own standards.” You want us to lay off your kids? Fine. Lay off ours.

  14. Emery wrote:

    “Interesting alternative fact”

    Where ‘interesting’ means unrelated? Got it.

  15. “alternative” means anything eTASS wants it to be. This thread is yet another example how he flips a turd onto the table and then refuses to acknowledge it is there. How is that different from DG behavior? I guess he thinks himself so clever to come back with non-sequiturs. Well, he definitely outsmarts himself.

  16. SSOLSEmery not only approves of dragging uninvolved family members into the fray, he engages in it.

    These kinds of scumbags cannot be reasoned with; they lack the critical mass to get a spark between the few synaps that are functional…but even a brain dead reprobate understands a solid punch in the fucking mouth.

    Punching brain dead, reprobate leftists in the fucking mouth gets a big Swiftee thumbs up…hell, it gets two.

  17. Warning! For those of ill will leave the minor kids alone! I have no tolerance for those that even think they may be fair game. Otherwise you might find I am your worst nightmare!!!!

  18. I would agree with Scott that a minor child should be left alone and for that matter Mrs. Trump (including all the previous wives) should come under that umbrella as well. Had Doakes attempted to point that out I would have agreed with him too.

  19. 1. Open your mouth and flap your gums, reciting lies until your teeth bleed.

    2. Never stop.

    3. Congrats. You should run for office in Minnesota.

  20. Nicely done Scott! You made SSOLSEmery your babbling bitch before he even started spitting teeth. Big fan of your work, sir.

  21. Say Tom, OK, totally serious for a moment. (I never joke about the dead.) If you take politics that seriously, you are doing it wrong. And by “it”, I mean living your life.

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