5 thoughts on “No Action On That Bet

  1. Try telling a SJW that intelligence is inherited , or worse, that IQ is a fair measure of it, and you will have a huge fight on your hands.

  2. The flip side to the study is that, judging by my experiences living in highly educated Boulder, higher education does not seem to be a good proxy for ability to drive. There is a point to noting that good habits and character are far more important than mere intelligence in both areas.

    But that said, we encourage smart people to devote themselves to work over family at our peril.

  3. Bubba, in the 21st century, education is absolutely no measure of intelligence, none.

    In 1962, Kenneth E. Eble wrote:

    “But in recent years in many colleges, more and more of the faculty’s time has been devoted to meeting the needs of entering freshmen who read badly, write poorly, and figure inaccurately, if at all. The problem of the deficient student is one that appears at all levels of American education. With the greatly expanding college enrollment, it promises to become one of the major problems of higher education.”

    The dullards Eble and his colleagues struggled with are now tenured, senior staff at our public schools and institutions of higher learning, and of course, working at the highest levels of government.

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