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  1. Couldn’t help laughing at a story right under this one stating “Mediical Marijuana Producers Face Big Losses”. You just can’t make this stuff up! Well…unless you are a DemonRAT!

  2. The workers have to contribute $5 a week towards their medical insurance? I want these guys to negotiate my next contract.

    The question is….does their health care cover drug addiction treatment?

  3. Unreality: “A larger concern the the legal cannabis industry is AG Sessions.”
    Reality: “In response to Sessions’ comments during Tuesday’s hearing, pro-legalization lobbying group the Marijuana Policy Project issued a statement in which the group’s Director of Federal Policies, Robert Capecchi, said the group is “cautiously optimistic”…
    Just like a TSA ‘Security Theater’ performance, theory & anecdote that makes people feel good regardless of evidence or hard data is okey-dokey with people who Sexually Love Science! so long as a union can skim and Democrats can skim the skim.

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  5. compared to the opioid epidemic I’m leaning more and more pro pot if it means getting people off of oxycotin and percolating and the likes. Also its a big libertarian issue and as much as I can see the validity of being against it, pro pot will win and be law of the land in every state by 2025, 2030 at the latest.

  6. Legalizing dope does carry the risk of getting hippies into your state–Colorado has learned this–but I tend to agree with POD that there is indeed some evidence that “funny weed” seems to be an admirable substitute for opiods like oxy and fentanyl for a lot of people, including a friend of mine with pretty bad back problems.

    Really, I think that marijuana might be an “orphan drug” caught in the FDA abyss; you can’t patent it, so you can’t fund a study to prove its benefits, but the DEA will keep it on schedule 1 until they do prove its benefits. I’m generally no fan of government spending, but cutting a few bucks free for orphan drugs might be a good idea.

  7. autocorrect but whatever it worked out well. I really need to get my laptop fixed. Posting from my Galaxy S7 is leading to some freaking embaressing posts.

  8. JPA I meant to say percoset but it autocorrected to that. Why,? I have no idea.

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