The Good Hollywood Liberal

In the wake of the left’s disgraceful self-clowning at the Golden Glob Awards, the right’s perception of the Hollywood Liberal may be at Peak Meme.  And for good reason.

But Christian Toto, writing in the National Review about filmmaker Peter Berg (no relation) cautions on the danger of painting with too broad a brush about “Hollywood Liberals”.

The lesson?  We need a brush exactly broad enough.

6 thoughts on “The Good Hollywood Liberal

  1. Speaking of self-clowning. Nuts in Cali want to pass a law that will criminalize publishing of celebrity ages. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. JPA, I don’t think they want to pass that law, I think they DID pass that law, which became effect 1/1/17.

  3. Actors are like the pavement beneath my feet. They have a very specific use. If my driveway started offering me its opinion, I would replace it

  4. Fun article, Kel. I’d suggest that the article missed one big reason conservatives are, by and large, more attractive than liberals; if your political worldview is predicated on the idea of others taking care of you via government, you are quite naturally not going to take care of yourself as well. Looks will thus follow your politics. Also, anger, fornication, and intoxication in various forms age a person quickly.

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