Electoral Community College

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hillary won New York and California, which gave her the popular vote but not the electoral college vote.  How to reform the electoral process so The Will of the People is properly expressed?

 Option 1: do nothing.  It’s working now, it’s worked for a long time, it’s good enough.  Hillary’s loss isn’t novel or frightening, it’s the result of poor campaign strategy and a lousy candidate running against a media celebrity.

 Option 2: eliminate the electoral college, go strictly by popular vote.  Voters in big Liberal cities would select the President for everyone, save a lot of campaign money and fewer commercials in small states who won’t matter in the election.

 Option 3: award electoral votes based on congressional districts instead of winner takes all, which more accurately reflects the entire state’s opinion, not just the dominant city.  In Minnesota, that would have given Trump some of Hillary’s electoral college votes.

 Option 4: break up New York and California into smaller states.  Give some of California to Nevada, give some of New York to Maine, no state allowed to have more than X electoral votes, to eliminate undue influence in the election. 

 Any others?

 Joe Doakes

One more idea:  eliminate the Electoral College, but provide an easy path to secession.

10 thoughts on “Electoral Community College

  1. Under other circumstances, the government of one region being chosen by people of another region would be called colonization.

  2. 3 with a caveat. divide by CD and have the popular vote winner statewide get the other 2 EVs

  3. I agree with Prince. Electors are apportioned one per Congressional Representative and two for the Senators from the State. Since Congress has a Republican majority, Republicans would be favored in the 435 votes from the CDs, and would win about half of the 100 Senate electors. In MN, Trump would have gotten 4 of the 10 that Hillary actually got.

  4. Opt 5: Return to Federalism. Vastly reduce the power of the Federal Government so it doesn’t matter who gets elected President. It’s insane. Every election we are told get out and vote or you will die.

  5. Too many people addicted to gubmint cheese for that to work. It would take several generations to reverse that trend. However, the public school takeover by progressivism has indoctrinated 3-4 generations of kids to rely on Fat Momma Gov’t and not themselves.

  6. You can say that after watching the miracle election of all time? After listing to everyone in the world saying :”that will never happen”, and then it happened, you can still say “that will never happen”?

    Not that I expect Mr Trump to deliver Opt 5 but never is no longer in my vocabulary.

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