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Thirty years ago, white supremacy groups were a real, legitimate, dangerous thing.

Various groups – “Christian Identity”, “Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord” , the “Posse Comitatus” and of course the Klan – had, if not “power”, at least an effect on the world around them.   I’ve run into it twice in my life; my interaction with the Gordon Kahl incident back in North Dakota in ’83, and the smattering of anti-semitic death threats I got when I was on the air at KSTP – simultaneously funny (I’m a Christian who is ethnically northern-european, with no Jewish ancestry whatsoever) and not so funny (it was about the time when neo-Nazis killed Denver talk show host Alan, er, Berg).

At the time, “skinheads” – remember them? – roamed the streets of the Twin Cities openly, attacking gays and people of color (I witnessed an attack by 3-4 skins on a rather dapper black man walking with a white woman in Uptown back in 1987, and briefly accelerated and swerved my car to try to run one of them down as he fled the scene before thinking better of it).

Remember when Geraldo Rivera came to Janesville Wisconsin to meet (and, eventually, “fight”) with Klansmen?  Ask yourself – do you think the Klan is openly having meetings in Janesville today?  (Actually, given that it was Geraldo Rivera, you might ask if it was even accurate back then – Rivera was doing “fake news” before it was cool).

Even twenty years ago, there was an active Neo-Nazi cell in Saint Cloud (where else?) and even a not-even-all-that-neo Nazi record label, Panzerfaust Records, operating openly in the Twin Cities.

When was the last time you saw an actual skinhead?  Heard of the Posse Comitatus?  Heard of anyone getting blown up or shot by neo-Nazis?    It’s been decades, right?

“White Supremacy” has become a tinier, more lunatic fringe than it was; a shadow of itse former self.  Which isn’t to say that groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center aren’t going to say so – the more boogeymen in pointy sheets they claim they find, the more money they get (which is one of the reasons they go around declaring utterly civil thinks tanks like the Taxpayers League of Minnesota are “hate groups”)    There are bowling leagues with more members and clout than the Klan has these days.

One gets the impression that the mainstream, left-leaning media is dying to fix that.  They’re giving whatever’s left of the Klan a whoooole lot of free advertising:

To say that the series’ arrival is timely would be an understatement. The racial divide and white nationalism emerged among the bigger themes of the recent election. David Duke, a former Klan leader and perhaps one of the most outspoken racists in America, was a vocal Donald Trump supporter and has called his presidential victory a win for “his people.”

I suspect and suggest that all the free advertising is happening precisely to create more white supremacists.  Because narratives don’t further themselves.


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  1. From the link “It’s the latest attempt from Trump to separate himself from groups and individuals widely condemned for their advocacy of white supremacy in American culture.”

    Curious. What culture should we be advocating for?

    Hmong culture? Child brides and animism?
    Somali culture? Clan wars, piracy and mysogeny?
    Maybe Mexican culture would serve us better.

    One of the most insidious leftist dominated government schools, leftist politics and popular culture has done, is to instill a sense of self-loathing in white people.

    Leftist poltoricians have followed the groundwork up by admitting waves of uneducated, illiterate, unskilled refugees from third world disaster areas.

    They are replacing our American “can do” culture of success and prosperity with the “feed me, clothe me” culture of dependence.

    I have to admit, the Alt-right’s animus towards Jews is troubling and self-defeating given that Jewish culture is not only a well established part of America, but Jewish people are just the sort of smart, motivated people we need.

    In any case, I’ve looked at this from all sides, and I’ll be damned if I can find anything that doesn’t recommend protecting white culture at all costs.

    Looking around the world, the various alternatives offer little to recommend themselves.

  2. “The racial divide and white nationalism emerged among the bigger themes of the recent election.”

    More “why you got Trump”

  3. Liberals’ entire purpose is Oppose. Their motto is stolen from Groucho Marx: “Whatever it is, I’m against it.” Therefore, Liberals must always attack some portion of their own society to right wrongs. Slavery. Votes for Women. Civil rights. Poverty. Abortion.

    Except, eventually you run out of Wrongs. Demanding that race never be used as the basis for decisions ended Jim Crow. But now that it’s been ended, that’s become the new status quo so Liberals must oppose it. Nowadays, they insist on using race as the basis for decisions: who to arrest, who to let into college or let out of prison, who gets hired first or let go last.

    So White people have begun to say okay and vote based on their own racial interest and, being the majority, they won the election making Whites the status quo. Which Liberals must oppose.

    It must be exhausting to spend your entire life fighting to overturn the victories you’ve already won. I wonder why they do it?

  4. Don’t read read anymore into than necessary. Trump won because people who actually work for a living voted for him.

  5. Don’t read read anymore into than necessary. Trump won because people who actually work for a living voted for him.

    Whoa! I just saw an animal of a porcine persuasion fly by the window!

  6. And for fake hate crimes…recall the black church in Greenville Mississippi….someone wrote “Vote Trump” on the side of the church, then started it one fire. Now, this is one of poorest efforts to fake a hate crime (even lefties seemed to not get too fired up over this one). But yes, they caught the guy. A black member of the church.

  7. . . . and no one seems alarmed or surprised to learn that the Communist Party USA endorsed Hillary (but they were hoping for Sanders).

  8. DG,

    Much as I would love to let the people in my comment section – an MD, a couple of engineers, a scientist or two, some lawyers and accountants and other people who actually know what they’re talking about – loose on the low comedy that is your attempt at condescension, rules are rules.

    You were told to respond to the responses to this post before I’d let your comments out of moderation.

    Your comment on this thread in particular was a howler. I honestly wish my integrity would allow me to inflict it on my audience, for shredding it deserves. In particular, your ludicrious claim that skinheads and neo-nazis still roam the streets of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. How f****ng dim do you have to be to realize I live here, and you live in an exurban la-la-land, and you haven’t the foggiest clue what goes on here.

    But much as I’d love to subject your comments to the skinning they deserve, I said what I was gonna do, and I’m gonna do it.

    Go there and respond. Because you’re wrong. And anyone wants to condescend to me, they’d damn well better pack the gear.

    You do not.

    Answer my questions at the link above, or find another playground.

    There is no “c”.

  9. You know what I find funny? When people I never address (and always ignore) reply to me over and over and over again to shriek about how bad I am at trolling

  10. QUOTE: “What culture should we be advocating for?

    If we had a hard core, harmonious, comprehensively libertarian country, we could be a lot less careful about who we let in. It would actually jack up the GDP without the social issues. That is not the state of our country right now.

    Immigration is politicized central planning and we are very stupid not to recognize that.

  11. As someone who is dipping their toes into the alt-right movie it occurs to me that most of the white nationalist people are either trolls, bored high school/college students, or people who would never have the balls to spout their views in public. Whenever there is a rally of these losers in public they almost always end up being outnumbered 5:1 by the media and 100:1 by normal people

  12. If we had a hard core, harmonious, comprehensively libertarian country

    …we would descend into anarchy. There would be no harmony, no GDP, just Methodists gunning for Trulbert.

  13. justplainangry: I don’t mean anarchy. More like Kevin Williamson’s book + End The Fed.

  14. Fake news, fabricating the narrative of intolerance, from media matters and many other outlets, many of them traditional news outlets.
    “Fox’s “War On Christmas” Prompts Jewish Family To Fear “Pizzagate”-Style Response
    Fox And Breitbart Focused Attention On Parents Who Expressed Concerns About Elementary School Christmas Play”

    The problem with the MM headline is that is a complete fabrication.
    The ADL addresses the issue:

    ADL Calls Reports of Family Fleeing Lancaster County, PA “Untrue and Damaging”
    Philadelphia, PA, December 22, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), like many, read many numerous local and national news stories reporting that a Jewish family allegedly “fled” Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The reports claimed that the family feared retribution after being wrongfully blamed for the cancellation of the school production of A Christmas Carol. ADL investigated, and found that in actuality, the family left on vacation for winter break.

    “News reports alleging that a Jewish family has ‘fled’ Lancaster County are untrue and damaging,” said Nancy Baron-Baer, ADL Regional Director. “We spoke with the family, who explained that they went on a previously-planned vacation for the holidays. Stories like this can sow fear in the Jewish community and beyond, and it is important to stop the spread of misinformation.

    “There is no truth to the rumor that the school cancelled A Christmas Carol at the request of parents. The Hempfield School District released a FAQ clearly stating that the play was cancelled due to the inordinate amount of class time taken up by rehearsals. We commend the district for setting the record straight.”

    As is often the case when these Fake News stories are pushed by hard-left outfits like MM, they will mention Breitbart and Fox stories as the source of some bigotry, but not give you an actual link to the story so the reader can fact check them. They “cite” the stories like this: “Pennsylvania news outlets are reporting that a Jewish family fled Lancaster County in fear after stories from Fox News and suggested they could be partially to blame for the cancellation of an elementary school Christmas play.”
    No links.
    I haven’t found the Fox story yet, but I did find the Breitbart story, and it makes no mention of any anything about a “Jewish family.” It reports that the school says the play is being canceled because its production is too time consuming, and mention, as hearsay, third-hand reports that a family had complained about the “God bless us, everyone” line.

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