7 thoughts on “Dear Mother Jones

  1. Has anyone told them that some anti-gunners are looking forward to the racists joining their side after the blacks start arming themselves under Trump?

  2. If the Republicans are in power, then when Mother Jones is upset it’s like the background noise on a plane: fairly safe to ignore since that’s the default state.

    It’s when Democrats are in power and Mother Jones gets upset that you have to wake up and take notice because then there may be something to what they’re saying.

  3. Smith, if I ever see an original thought coming from a lefty I will print it out and hang it on the wall,

  4. As I keep telling my leftist friends online and in-person: Maybe President Obama, the vaunted constitutional “scholar”, shouldn’t have “made law” through executive orders, and instead tried to work with Congress? A law passed by majorities in the House and Senate and signed into law by the President has more permanence than an executive order.

    As leftists have been fond of telling me in the past: “Elections have consequences”.

    To which I would add: “Now go get your shinebox!”

  5. The MSM thinks they’re on to something:

    Trump’s Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns

    Pffft. Fools.

    What they don’t realize is, there are few better ways to make new friends than sharing a few hours at the local range.

    Trading tips, sharing the joy of “new gun day”, debating the pro and con of different loads…everyone has a good time, every time. And when you’re having a good time, sharing interests, you don’t even notice what color a guy is.

    An firearm enthused, minority population is the reprobate left’s worst nightmare.

  6. DMA, I’m picturing a Motivational Poster type presentation. I think there’d be a market.

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