Devils Of Our Nature

I hate to indulige in schadenfreude.

Part of it is because I’m a pretty emphathetic guy.  I put myself in others’ shoes pretty easily.

Part of it is that while I don’t believe in karma, I do believe what goes around comes around.

However, hearing about the psychic trauma some “blue-staters” are feeling over this past weeks, I’m rapidly giving into my worse nature and saying “Good.  Suffer, you vacuous hamsters.  If your well-being is so wrapped around a presidential election that it affects your mental health, you should really not participate”.

“But Mitch – isn’t that an unfair caricature?”

Sorry, but no – it’s not.

7 thoughts on “Devils Of Our Nature

  1. I agree, Mitch.

    As I’ve told the most radical of my libidiot friends; Enjoy your crow, you crybabies!

  2. I wish ONE of these nuts would read David Stockman’s new book and “End The Fed.”
    This is all very predictable and natural.

    100 years of Wilsonian statist inflationism is collapsing into a bonfire of fascism due to technology and globalized labor.

    You can’t tax deflation. So we will get asset bubbles and inflation (that the government lies about) until the bond market collapses. It’s a simple as that.

  3. In a sense, President Trump is a bit like 9/11 in that everyone’s view of the world changed.

    BT (Before Trump), Liberals held Whites accountable for the sins of their ancestors – worse, for the sins of people who looked like their ancestors, who may not even have been living in this county at the time. That was the moral justification for giving preferential treatment in education, employment and lending to non-white races.

    AT (After Trump), a substantial number of Whites decided that being born White did not make one inferior or evil, it wasn’t something they could do anything about and shouldn’t be used to punish them. They decided that voting for the prosperity of their race was the same enlightened self-interest as Blacks voting for Obama.

    New Yorkers (and Minnesota Liberals) see this as loss of control in the same way as 9/11. Their formerly ordered world has been upset. Everything is higgledy-piggledy. This causes fear of the unknown and backlash at the people who shook their snow globe.

    Good. They had it coming. It’s about time someone taught them a lesson, took them down a peg.

    What? Isn’t that what Liberals said after 9/11? We had it coming?

    Sauce for the goose, baby.

  4. From Mitch’s link

    “MP: Are there other types of people who may be likely to feel significantly stressed by these events?

    LS: A second qualifier is a past history of mental or chemical health issues. That puts a person at risk of having those issues triggered by trauma.”

    And I bet not one of Minnpost’s moonbats identifies themselves in that statement, though it describes more than 1/2 of them.

    The other half are too busy scheming and consolidating their resources to hang on to the control the mental deficients and druggies to have a meltdown.

  5. Joe, it is clear that the reprobate left realizes they have lost the lions share of the racial majority in America.

    They have done that through a systematic program of harassment and shaming. It was bound to backfire sooner or later; no one can wear a hair shirt forever.

    What I don’t get is how they came to the conclusion doubling down on a compromised scam is the answer.

    Personally, I don’t want to see the KKK rise again. But with the 24/7 coverage the leftist echo chamber and the MSM is giving them, I won’t be surprised to see old time rally’s again.

    Check out the action “KKK” is getting on Google trends.

  6. QUOTE: “And I bet not one of Minnpost’s moonbats identifies themselves in that statement, though it describes more than 1/2 of them.”

    I think this is very true. The Democrat party makes sure they always have this vague idea that government will stabilize EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. It’s complete B.S. of course.

  7. Never-Trumpers don’t get to experience schadenfreude.

    Is there a German word for “TheGuyIHateALittleLessThanYouGotElectedSoILaughAtYourTears”?

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