Artificial Sweetener

This may be hard to believe, but I truly do try to see the best in people.  I really do.  I actively try to find ways to find empathy with people, even – or especially – with people I disagree with.

For example, while I agree with nothing Barack Obama did as president, I always figured he was a decent human and a good father.  Time will tell, of course.

So when I first heard the story of the woman who ran into Hillary Clinton on a stroll in the woods the day after the election – which seemed to be a story of a plaintive, human moment – I wanted it to be legitimate.

Of course, doubts nagged at me. Hillary Clinton, walking in the woods without a Secret Service perimeter?

Much as part of me wanted it to be a legitimate story, it nagged at me.

As always, the nagging was for good reason.

If it’s the Clintons, it’s pure artifice.

5 thoughts on “Artificial Sweetener

  1. Sad to say, the stories I’m starting to believe about Mrs. Clinton are those that say she’s a mean drunk, and that her staff has plenty of examples. If there’s anything to that, shame on her staff for covering that up.

  2. Yea, there are supposedly reports that have leaked out of Clinton’s camp that the reason Podesta came out and not her, was because she was having a full on meltdown, screaming obscenities at people and throwing things. It would be nice if someone would “leak” a video of that, but, unfortunately, DemonRATs don’t eat their own very often.

  3. BH429, I have to say I can’t blame her for that. The last 2+ decades of her life have been spent solely preparing for, grooming herself (and the Clinton Political Machine, and hell, most of the Democrat Party) and aiming for the gold ring of the presidency. She gave up “her turn” in 2008 for the candidate with the more desirable diversity checkbox, and now after vanquishing the more popular/populist Dem candidate, she gets trounced electorally by the worst Republican candidate of the 17 who threw their hat in the ring. If I were one to feel an ounce of sympathy for Democrats, she’d definitely get my ounce this month. I couldn’t imagine being beaten in a worse set of circumstances than how she was.

    However, for me, it just makes it that much better. Petty Schadenfreude washes over me.

  4. That is the whitest photo ever. After it was taken, the gal drove her Subaru to Whole Foods Coop to get some organic kale.

    Boss…..if you believe (and I do) the various stories and books that date back to the late 80s…..I imagine no one wanted to be near The Queen last Tuesday night. One a good day she treated the secret service and others like sh*t. Last week…..

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