Your Own Private Wilderness

Earlier, I noted that Donald Trump’s election is a result of liberal attitudes.

Here, a liberal agrees.

Language NSFW.

By the way? Now that Republicans (not necessarily conservatives) are in power, it’d be good to make sure the good guys take this to heart.

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  1. Almost well said, but inherent in his rant is the assumption that if the left takes the argument to conservatives, they’ll win. So his very rant against the privilegism and elitism of liberals presupposes….that very thing.

    Really, the left appears to be, even among its more saner elements, caught in a death spiral of their own assumptions. Even his final comment–about foregoing a bathroom break because of time–more or less suggests they’re assuming that the laws of nature bend to their will.

    A welcome rant, but yikes in its implications.

  2. American progressivism is elitist. They can never be the choice of a majority, not for long, the leadership will always move further left. They must detest the moral positions of the majority.
    This is due, in the US, to the progressives abandoning the working class and labor back in the 1960s. There is no figure in American politics like George Galloway (Galloway supported Brexit).

  3. I don’t know who was holding the camera, but he should take his finger off the zoom/unzoom button.

  4. “Progressives” are interesting creatures. They believe that by nature mankind is pure and that only by exposure to an evil influences like modern society do they turn into monsters. This is why they think of conservatives as evil: conservatives are preventing the perfectibility of man and why they believe that if they just “educate” us into their system of belief, we’ll suddenly see the light and back them. (*) The fact that all of human history seems to disagree about man’s supposed pure essence doesn’t enter into their logic is why conservatives view liberals as stupid.

    As a result, all I expect to happen is that “progressives” will attempt to pay lip service to those who work for a living to try and pull the wool over their eyes with half-hearted, ill thought out programs. Trying to actually understand what they believe and what they’re going through just can’t fit in a progressive’s belief system.

    (*) This is why most progressives have no religion: their religion has no “come to Jesus” moments, it’s got a “come to progressive-ism” moments only. And since by nature humans are essentially perfect creatures until corrupted by society, who needs another God when in essence they’re already perfect?

  5. Ran an errand a lunch time today.
    -The guy on WCCO radio was going on and on about how anyone who isn’t a straight white male should be very scared.
    -Looked at the Mpls Star-Tribune while in line at a store….front page and editorial page about how anyone who isn’t a straight white male is in danger.
    -Then CBS national news on the radio…said anyone who isn’t a straight white male should be in fear right now. .

    I was a youngster when Reagan was in office, but this reminds me of how he was going to get us in a nuclear war (according to MSM).

  6. Nerdbert, you’re basically arguing that they take Rousseau’s position, which explains their position towards children–just as Rousseau abandoned his children to rather murderous orphanages, the left does to Planned Parenthood.

    And if you can get over the issues with that, I don’t believe you’ll have trouble overcoming your reluctance to screw the country over economically. Sigh.

  7. Oh, and should add….this is very good. I am Facebooks friends with some normal blue collar types in Wisconsin. Trump came to Eau Claire a few days before the election.

    All the local Democrats gathered along the street by the entry to the Trump rally and screamed incredibly nasty profanity filled things to the families coming to the Trump rally, who in turn posted things on their Facebook pages about this.

    So who in the Democrat party thought screaming obscenities and threats to families attending a Trump rally was a winning strategy? The good thing? The left will never learn.

  8. The essential problem with progressivism is that they define themselves as being better than everyone else for holding to the proper progressive ideals.

    That’s why they’ve been chasing themselves from arguing for principles to arguing for nonsense to arguing for bat-shit crazy.

    Because once they’ve convinced the public that Position A is right, they immediately have to find a new Position B that the public doesn’t support, because they always need to be fighting the “good fight”.

  9. The left has been hissing “racissss” for 8 years. It’s thoroughly divided the country, and was, in part at least, responsible for a drubbing at the polls; certainly down ticket. Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment was her Howard Dean meltdown moment.

    So, now they are yelling RACIST BIGOT at the top of their MSM lungs…

    If this persists, I predict a super majority for the GOP after the mid-terms.

  10. The founding document of the New Left is the Port Huron Statement of 1962. It was written mostly by Tom Hayden on behalf of the Students for a Democratic Society.
    It is over 25,000 words in length. The word “we” appears 136 times. Clearly it is a document about Hayden and the SDS, and not about America.

  11. Yes, Chuck, I will argue that the modern left is a direct descendant of that vile Jean-Jacques; I just wasn’t aware how many folks have heard of him. That was a corrupt, twisted man if you believe his writings and compare them to how he lived his life. Though like Barry, he wrote eloquently and expressed interesting ideas that were inspiring, but completely impractical.

    They both argue for the perfectibility of man by social means, which is why they attempt to take over educational establishments, and why they essentially have no desire for the continuation of mankind. Mankind, they will argue, is a cancer upon the earth. And they are essentially forever searching for a utopia (remember what that word really means in Greek) where they can prove their core belief, yet every time it is tried, it ends in violent carnage and oppression. And yet they will not learn, for they are true zealots.

    As I said, a vile man at his core and corrupt in his morals and actions. And ironically, he really did believe in the pristine state of man’s core.

  12. Pe·la·gi·an·ism (pə-lā′jē-ə-nĭz′əm)
    The theological doctrine propounded by Pelagius, a British monk, and condemned as heresy by the Roman Catholic Church in ad 416. It denied original sin and affirmed the ability of humans to be righteous by the exercise of free will.

    I suppose that the Left does not believe in free will, however much they pretend that they do. If we have free will, then choosing to do anything physical — like picking up a stone — produces change in the natural world without a natural cause. It is as much of a miracle as a virgin birth, or walking on water, or the resurrection of the dead.

  13. The liberal in the video, all worked up, emotional, ranting – how’s he gonna handle the first person who disagrees with him. In those “discussions” for which he so eagerly calls. Like about AGW or immigration or Islam?

    Looks to me like he’s gonna go off on another tear, just like above. I’m guessing invective will be used. And a bad name or two invoked.

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  15. If confronted by this gent keep a long stick (or taser) at hand, he’s likely off his meds! Most of his kind are!!

  16. This is funny. A dip stick with a British accent, ranting about the US election? Is he a US citizen? If he doesn’t like it here…

  17. Liberals believe: a) they are intellectually and morally superior to everyone else, and therefore any argument against the positions they have been told to hold are personal attacks by somebody evil, or stupid, or both. b) Given the political power, they can pass laws that override the laws of human nature, economics, physics and chemistry, and c) That regardless of how legislation is actually written, the good intentions behind it automatically make it good policy.

    Really, it’s like talking to crazy people.

  18. BH429: Keep in mind the fundamental difference in how we are wired vs how they are wired. We say: “If you don’t like it, leave. You go do your thing and as long as it doesn’t hurt me, fine.” They say “I don’t like it, therefore because I am right, it is my moral and ethical obligation to force change as I see fit. I cannot stand by while those who I disagree with are still allowed to act in a manner that I disagree with.”

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