Open Letter

To: Anti-Trump Protesters, Celebribities moving to Canada, Garrison Keillor, People curled up in your safe spaces, and other people who are angry at the world today
From:  Mitch Berg, ornery peasant an Scott Walker vote
Re:  Why Trump Won

I  didn’t vote for Trump, but I most definitely voted for the GOP majority that he helped usher in.

I’ll just leave you with this:

Everyone who’s out there breaking things and beating people up?

Everyone who’s calling the election result a macroaggression and running for your safe space?

Everyone who keeps repeating that Trump called all Mexicans rapists (he didn’t) or that he’s going to bring on a wave of anti-gay repression (even the NYTimes called him the most pro-LGBT candidate among the GOP field, a year ago)?

Every teacher who called in “Grief Counselors” for the kids they’d painstakingly trained to be distraught over the election?

Everyone who took Wednesday off from work to cry about the election? Posting “He’s not my president” memes on Facebook? Jabbering about moving to Canada?

And above all, everyone who sniffs down your nose at what a bunch of morons your fellow citizens seem to be?

YOU are why Donald Trump won.

Not “racists”. Not Wall Street (they donated overwhelmingly to Hillary). Not ignorant rubes. Not me, a humble weekend talk show host who cordially disliked Trump’s public persona twenty years before most of you were making The Apprentice appointment TV.


15 thoughts on “Open Letter

  1. Mitch;

    Hope this isn’t a thread jack, but there is an article in the MSP Business Journal this morning about expansion and new jobs at Federal Premium in Anika. The quote from Tina Smith (they dropped the Flint for some reason), is priceless.

  2. My hope is that the people burning cars in Oakland do indeed move to Canada (or better yet, Venezuela), and then find out the hard way what happens when you break the windshield of a gentleman playing for the Maple Leafs, Senators, or Canadiens. I would pay to watch. :^)

  3. Canada is much stricter than the USA when it comes to immigration. As are Australia and New Zealand. You need a J-O-B.

  4. I think you should separate the despicable pieces of s**t who are beating people, from the others who are just whining little ninnies.

    There are thugs beating people and destroying property as their response to democracy in action, a peaceful transfer of power.


    POD, I hope you are making things ready for them down there.

  5. C’mon you know what they are worried about. They just spent the last eight years weaponizing multitudes of Federal Agencies… hmm, multitudes…
    “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to
    harrass our people, and eat out their substance”
    … and now Trump will have his finger on the trigger(s).

  6. Canada is much stricter than the USA when it comes to immigration. As are Australia and New Zealand. You need a J-O-B.

    And it needs to be a JOB that no Canadian is available to do.

    Your best bet is to start a business that will create jobs…

    …for Canadians.

    Performance artists? Sociology professors? Liberal bloggers? Not so much.

  7. Sefl….that’s the issue. The central gov’t has gotten so large and powerful, it affects all aspects of our lives. Hence the nasty elections.
    IowaHawk said something like people in San Fran don’t want toothless Jesus freak bumpkins running their lives. People in Alabama don’t want commie bathhouse perverts running theirs. {using the stereotype each group has for the other}

  8. I have done a fair amount of traveling throughout Canada in my career. One thing I learned is that the average Canadian is about as open minded toward immigrants coming up from the South as the average Arizonan. In speaking with many Canadians through the years, I learned that like most of the world, their attitudes towards Republicans and people of color are mostly informed by watching 44-minute Hollywood created drama’s on the Tee-Vee.
    Many Canadians consider themselves Liberal in their attitudes and outlook though. This generally ends with the ones that have spent time in the U.S., especially when they learned I am a native of Detroit. If the old saying in the U.S. is that a Conservative is a Liberal who got mugged, I think one could amend it for Canada: In Canada a Conservative is a Liberal who took a wrong turn trying to find the entrance to the Ambassador Bridge back to Windsor.

  9. It strikes me that whether the bogeyman is toothless Jesus bumpkins or long haired dope smoking maggot infested FM types, the solution is to simply prevent the government from running our lives for us in the first place. We could call it “federalism” and “Constitutional government.”

  10. 45% of this country disagrees with you, bb. They WANT government running our lives, because they are perfectly willing to use the long arm of government/government’s guns to make this country conform to how they believe it should be.

  11. Bill, I could even concede that 90% of the country disagrees with me as long as it’s their side running things, more or less. The trick towards convincing people, though, is to remind them that their political opponents will run things at some point, and if you don’t want them to do damage, the best thing you can do is to get rid of the tools they’d use.

    Or, put more bluntly, if you don’t want ’em cr***ing all over the place, don’t feed them All-Bran and prunes.

  12. bubba, that is a hard lesson reprobate leftists are about to learn about Executive Orders. One thing that is clear about Trump is, he really hates to have to ask for anything; he’s the decider.

    It’s going to suck bigly for the rl’s.

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