I’m All About The Help

To:  Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus, Neve Campbell, Lena Dunham, Cher, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Babe Streisand, Amy Shumer, Samuel L. Jackson, Natasha Lyonne, George Lopez, Raven Symone, Whoopi Goldberg, and Byron Cranston.

From:  Mitch Berg, ornery peasant

Re:  Moving to Canada

Need help packing?  Say when.  I’m there for you.

That is all.

(Is it just me, or is this the first time in 15 years that Neve Campbell’s been in the news at all?)

13 thoughts on “I’m All About The Help

  1. Good luck to them! Canadians have started a Tweet storm to let them know they aren’t wanted!

    Poetic justice!

  2. Is it just me, or is this the first time in 15 years that Neve Campbell’s been in the news at all?

    She popped up in the first episode of the final season of Mad Men. I was bummed when it wasn’t a recurring role. But then she had a prominent role in the most recent season of House of Cards. She’s still got the goods. 😉

  3. I’m mystified that none of these clowns didn’t pick warmer climates. Truth be told, they weren’t serious to begin with. I suppose Canada isn’t a bad choice, since you can buzz back to the USA when you want good medical treatment. However, if I was seriously thinking about expatriating, Costa Rica comes to mind, as well as Guadalajara, Mexico. Canada, not so much.

  4. Classic Amy: not funny in the least.

    POD, have you reached out to any of these losers to suggest they immigrate down to your place?

  5. Here are some interesting numbers from the 50th state.

    In 2012(437159 total votes):
    Obama 306658
    Romney 121015

    in 2016 (437552 total votes):
    Hillary 266828
    Trump 128816

    So Trump did better in raw votes, and as a percentage of total votes, in 2016 than Romney did in 2012.
    But look at the collapse of Dem voters between 2012 and 2016. there were 40K fewer votes for Hillary in 2016 than for Obama in 2012. Holy-Moley, what a dismal candidate!

  6. My bro in Hawaiian Beaches never votes….(eh, bombye) But he and his sweet wife did vote this time; for Trump.

    Just had a thought, Jethrene. Why don’t all those whiny reprobate leftists that want to leave America get a patch of lava from the ke ea Hawai‘i crew down in Kalapana?

  7. Do they realize Canada has no bill of rights. A comedian was fined $36,000 this year for telling tasteless jokes. Not talking about an FCC violation, but they didn’t like the jokes he told as part of his on stage routine.

  8. All the elections here went as expected, Swiftee. The anti-telescope greenie Kimberly “call me Kealoha” Pisciotti lost big time to the Democrat. Hawaii is a machine state, once you have the Democrat nomination, the election is a mere technicality.
    The Dems flipped one seat in the state house and the last GOP senator was defeated, so all 25 state senate seats are now held by Democrats. In the state house, Dems now hold 45 out of 51 seats.

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