Judge, Jury And Executioner (UPDATED)

We don’t know much about the man who shot two people at a dollar store on the mean streets of Burnsville yesterday.

And by “we”, I mean everyone but Erin Maye Quade, who promptly tweeted that the shooting proved the need for background checks.

Before any details were known.

Not only before the investigation had started, much less turned up any information, but before an arrest had been made.

She wants to represent you in the Minnesota House.

If you live in HD57A, please bring some friends to the poll and vote for Ali Jimenez-Hopper.

UPDATE:  Early, unofficial report:  the shooter is a registered sex offender who is legally barred from having guns.

Yep. That background check sure woulda done the trick.

3 thoughts on “Judge, Jury And Executioner (UPDATED)

  1. Judging by her Twitter photos Ms. Quade has only one facial expression. A single look to go with a single point of view on important things.

  2. If Quade really cared about the children she would patrol the streets looking for bullets to throw herself in front of n

  3. Boy, that face sure says “I’m trying way too hard”, doesn’t it? And her response on any number issues gives the word “simplistic” a bad name. Yikes.

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