A Matter Of Trust

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This guy was sitting in the car reading a book, Tasered four times, then shot.

 Or he got out of the car with a gun and threatened the officers.

 Depends on who you believe.

 On the one hand, a certain group of people Whose Lives Matter have a history of making up facts to support their story.  The “Hands Up” thing comes to mind.

 On the other hand, a certain group of people Who Are Above The Law have a history of making up facts to support their story, too.  The cop who dropped the Taser next to his shooting victim comes to mind.

 I honestly can’t decide which group is less trustworthy and that terrifies me.  It means the main source of social cohesion is failing.  Every time that’s happened throughout history, it’s been a pre-cursor to societal upheaval, often leading to collapse, chaos, anarchy, dictatorship, riot, plague and death.

 It doesn’t matter who we elect as President, if there’s no nation to govern. 

 Joe Doakes

This is the elephant in the room; if we can’t trust our government and our fellow citizen, then freedom is really just a slogan.

3 thoughts on “A Matter Of Trust

  1. If all values are relative, and all cultures are equal, all that is left is power, and might makes right.

  2. I’ve said it before: There are primarily two types of gun control fans. Those who hate guns (and almost all of the ELCA-coiffed types are in this subset), and those who like control.

    might makes right.

    This is the core reason why the “likes control” leftists are so anti-gun. Anything else out of the words of a politician is purely a lie and lip service meant to sway the “hates guns” crowd into supporting them.

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