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On her Twitter page, Minneapolis city Council woman Alandra Cano refers to herself as a “Third World feminist” – or did, before she blocked me for questioning her thuggish ways last winter, when she published personal addresses, emails and phone numbers of her critics who had written her on the city of Minneapolis website.

I couldn’t speak to the “feminist” part, but Cano certainly has the basics of banana republic tactics down; her response to the ethics charges that came out of the episode last winter (on which My coverage led the entire Twin Cities media) is a big game of “I know you are, but what am I, and if you say anything I’m going to her you twice as hard and quote.
No my coverage led the entire Twin Cities media) is a big game of “I know you are, but what am I, and if you say anything I’m going to her you twice as hard and quote.

No, really:

“I disagree with the findings and have kept screenshots of the ways other Council Members, including CM Frey (Ward 3), Bender (Ward 10), Glidden (Ward 8), Abdi (Warsame, Ward 6) and others have used city property for ‘political purposes.’” She goes on, threatening to “speak out against the vote and circulate a press release to the media about the issue with the screenshots I’ve gathered since January of 2016” if the Council moves forward with approving the Ethics findings.

John Edwards of Wedge Live responds:

Cano responded to the stories about her email on Facebook, saying: “When a person of color speaks up, it should not be misconstrued as a “threat” to society, it should be respected as their truth.” Whatever Cano’s intent, the reason people interpreted her email as a threat, is because she constructed it that way: if you vote against me, I’ll put out a press release with incriminating screenshots. This is not to say Cano can’t make an argument that she’s being singled out unfairly, or that she can’t produce evidence to support her defense. But if she was trying to make that argument, she obscured it by writing an email that looked like blackmail.
Alondra Cano really has been the target of vicious racist attacks because of her support for BLM. Separate from those vile attacks, Council President Barb Johnson and some of Cano’s other colleagues really have gone out of their way, to a sometimes comical degree, to trash her in the local media. But it’s also true that Cano picks too many unnecessary battles, irritating her colleagues in a way that transcends race and ideology.

That an elected member of a party with sole control of a major city thinks she can complain about others’ “privilege” is a laugh riot.

And while she may or may not be a “third world feminist”, she’s certainly got the Chicago tinhorn ward-heeler thing down.

6 thoughts on “La Generalissima

  1. “Constituent service” should not include publishing the email addresses of those who criticize you, which was the origin of this fracas. Minneapolis is too cold for bananas – but we certainly have the fertile, one-party environment to nurture these little hot-house tyrants. Perhaps we are a “Lingonberry Republlic.”

  2. If I may do an off topic (but related to a common subject here). The Washington Mall shooter? He is a citizen of Turkey, yet has been voting in elections here. According to officials in Washington state, their voter registration system is totally on the honor system as to weather you are a US citizen and a resident of the district you vote in.
    Also, the dead are voting in Colorado. See CBS4 and other Colorado media outlets.
    But hey, voter fraud never happens, right Al Franken?

  3. What an insufferable, entitled bitch. I’ll bet her own parents hesitate to return her calls.

    That being said, SJW’s are not born, they are created, and I’m always happy to see old school, leftist reprobates being forced to deal with the execrable consequences of their own work on OPK (other people’s kids).

  4. I bet Mpls City Council meetings are almost as unpleasant with Cano vs Everyone Else, as Crystal’s were when that wretched oxygen thief, Renae Bowman, was mayor.

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