“Tolerance For Ye, But Not For We”

In all things political, I urge you to remember Berg’s Seventh Law: whenever liberals attack or mock anything about Republicans or (especially) conservatives, they are projecting or distracting.

Two key Dem memes since the immediate aftermath of the 2008 elections have been…:

  • Conservative “tea-baggers” are purging “moderates” from the party, and…
  • …this “purge” is causing the GOP to melt down.

What does Berg’s Seventh Law tell us?

Yep.  Projecting and distracting:

A few days ago, the left-wing activist group MoveOn.org began sending out emails seeking contributions to fund primary challenges against any Democratic senator who does not fully support “health care reform with a public option.” Now there’s an update: MoveOn executive director Justin Ruben says the group has raised $3,578,117 for the project and is thinking of new ways to punish errant Democratic lawmakers.

“It’s a huge sum, and the clearest signal yet that any Democrat who helps Republicans filibuster health care reform will face an enormous backlash from the grassroots,” writes Ruben. And now, working in conjunction with Howard Dean’s old organization Democracy for America, MoveOn is starting a drive to take away the committee chairmanships of any Democrat who fails to live up to MoveOn’s progressive standards. “Many of these senators hold coveted committee chairmanships that give them significant power within the Senate,” Ruben writes. “Our friends at Democracy for America have launched an open letter urging Senate Democrats to strip committee chairmanships from any Democrat who filibusters health care.” Ruben says that more than 66,000 MoveOn and Democracy for America members have pledged to contribute.

Look for a Kos vs. DLC (or whatever they call themselves today, if they even exist anymore) brouhaha sooner than later.  Accompanied by lots of stories from Keith Olberman and Fast Eddie Schultz (the real hearts, souls and leaders of the Democratic Party) about how intolerant of dissent the GOP is.

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