Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I didn’t need the revised economic numbers to tell me the economy was bad, I see it driving around town.  Time was, you might see a panhandler at the top of a particularly busy freeway exit ramp.  Nowadays, there are several working shifts plus more at stop lights in town. 

 I wonder why there are so few stories in the mainstream media analyzing the Obama Administration policies that have created so many beggars, versus so many sob stories trying to shame me into giving more charitably.  It’s not working; the more they hector me, the more I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge: “Is there no welfare, no homeless shelter?”

 Joe Doakes

The term “compassion fatigue” is becoming old and shopworn – but it hasn’t lost its meaning.

1 thought on “Scroogified

  1. It’s the “Washington Monument Strategy” played on a local scale. Democrats claim to want to “help the poor,” but spend more money on choo-choo trains and diversity training instead.

    I’ll believe that they’ll use the money to actually helping people when I see them use the money they have now to try and help people. Until they get rid of their frivolous expenses they don’t deserve more money.

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