You’ve Been Punked – In English And Russian

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This is hilarious.  Trump asking Russia “If you hacked Hillary’s private email server, will you give the FBI copies of the stuff she deleted?”  

 Hey, they need it to complete their investigation, right?  What, are Democrats against law and order?

 This is genius.  It forces everyone to recall that Hillary ran a private server for official government business, that she deleted emails instead of giving them to our own government, and that her carelessness probably enabled Russia to see her emails including anything that was classified. 

This forces Hillary’s campaign onto the defensive and robs her of momentum.   And it threatens Hillary with the possibility that stuff she believed safely deleted might come to light so she must prepare the battle-space for that possibility, which further distracts her from campaigning.

 Glenn Reynolds comments: “Troll Level: Supreme Galactic Overlord.”  All of that.

Joe Doakes

Never thought I’d find something to admire about Trump – but here we go.

5 thoughts on “You’ve Been Punked – In English And Russian

  1. And The Queen said it was only her Yoga schedule (yech) and birthday announcements (or something like that) on her server. Now the Democrats are saying it was sensitive material on there. Maybe The Donald does occasionally know what he is doing.

  2. ok Chuck, I’ve been avoiding that bit of information til now. Your comment brought the image of Hillary in Yoga Pants to my mind’s eye – sensitive material indeed!

  3. Didn’t an NSA whistleblower Binney recently said NSA had those e-mails, but FBI was not interested? I think you are giving sTrumpet too much credit – even stopped clock is right twice a day.

  4. Kel…..I say Hillary in Yogo pants looks like two squirrels fighting in a gunny sack.

  5. JPA: yes, and Judge Napolitano claims that this is evidence that the leaker of the DNC emails is none less than the NSA, not the Russians. He hints at a strong shadow government trying to running things.

    Keep the demonstrable conspiracies coming, and I just might end up a Bircher. Sigh.

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