SCENE:  Mitch BERG steps out of the rest room at City Hall as Avery LIBRELLE steps around the corner.

Distracted, visibly in distress, LIBRELLE walks into BERG.

BERG:  (Stepping back)  Oh … (a little nonplussed, as LIBRELLE doesn’t react, lost in  anxiety)…er, sorry…?

LIBRELLE:   Oh, Merg.  Right.  I’m just worried about this country.

BERG:  After eight years of Obama, join the club.

LIBRELLE:   Har di har.  No, serious.  The GOP has nominated a candidate who is the worst human being in the world.  A genuine Nazi.  A man who is the biggest racist in American politics, and who is so clogged with hate that he can barely sit down.

BERG:  Is that so?

LIBRELLE:  Yes.  And yet, his poll numbers remain a challenge to Herself.

BERG:  Huh.  Why do you suppose that is?

LIBRELLE:  The American people have lost their ability to reason.

BERG:  Huh.

LIBRELLE:  We’re pointing out what a horrible human he is, and the American people are ignoring it.

BERG:  Huh.  What – again?

LIBRELLE:  (Nonplussed)  What do you mean by that?

BERG:   What did you all say about Ronald Reagan?

LIBRELLE:  That his presidency would lead to a nuclear war, that he was a racist, that he was going to draft all teenagers to go to war for Exxon, that he was a stooge of big business, that he wanted to create a nuclear armageddon to enhance his power…

BERG:  Huh.  And Bush Senior?

LIBRELLE:  That he was a stooge of Big Oil, that he’d inherited his father’s Nazi sympathies, that he was a warmonger…

BERG:  Right.  And Dubya?

LIBRELLE:  That he was a bigger Nazi than Hitler, than he was a stooge of big oil, that he was a racist, than he hated children, that he’d never relinquish power, that he was stupid, that he wanted a nuclear war to hasten his fundamentalist faith’s version of Armageddon…

BERG:   None of which turned out to be true.

LIBRELLE:  Er…it’s all true!

BERG:   No, I mean, none of the claims turned out to be factual.  And yet every time a Republican runs for office, you get the same chatter.

LIBRELLE:   What do you mean?

BERG:   How would you describe Republican Senate candidate Al Franken?

LIBRELLE:   He’s a racist and a Nazi and a Klansman who’d send our children to war for Big Oil because he’s in the pocket of the Koch brothers and ALEC and the NRA, he hates children and would drive elderly widows into the street to satisfy Big Power, that he wants to launch a war to satisfy his toxic fundamentalist Christianity..,

BERG:   Right. Al Franken is a Democrat, a secular Jew.  But once I said “Republican”, you switched to autopilot . Just the way the media does.

This is the eventual result of decades of liberal media bias; it’s like the Little Boy who Cried Wolf; people have tuned out the propaganda, just in time for you to face a candidate who actually is troublesome – not to mention a Democrat.

LIBRELLE:  (Stands, stunned)

BERG:  See ya, Avery.

LIBRELLE:  (Slowly turns) But…But…



28 thoughts on “Wolf!

  1. And don’t forget…..every Republican since 1992 (if not sooner) has a secret plan to eliminate social security.

  2. What a load of crap you fantasize.
    Reagan was not a particularly good president, but he was charming so he got away with a lot of crap that should have gotten him impeached. Stuff like violating international law by sending weapons to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, even though he was committing war crimes. That came back to bite us in the behind.
    Ditto the mujahadeen in Afghanistan, like Osama bin Laden. That came back to bite us in the behind too.
    Remember the bombing of marine barracks in Beirut after failing to keep those barracks safe? Reagan promised to track down the terrorists, but did nothing about it.
    Violating the law he himself signed in selling weapons to Nicarauga ring a bell?
    I could give you a very long laundry list of bad things from Ronnie Ray-gun, but he was not broadly called a nazi by the left. Nor have those accusations been leveled without cause. In contrast some of the wacko claims made by right wing nuts are far from well founded.

    I’m still laughing at Bill O’Reilly, over at Fakes News, who claims to be an historian but pulled a bunch of feces out of his ass on the air about the slaves who built the White House, calling them well fed and well housed.

    They weren’t. First Lady Abigail Adams specifically described the slaves she observed outside the White House as half-starved and nearly naked. There is ZERO evidence they were well housed either. Then Bill-O went on to claim that the government stopped using slave labor after 1802; again an epic fail.

    Bill-O’s response to the pushback over his shoddy revisionist history, trying to sanitize slavery — which appears to be a cottage industry on the right?
    He claimed that his critics wanted him dead. No evidence whatsoever anyone gives a damn either way if he lives or dies; I doubt anyone actually wishes him harm, they just are indifferent. But he goes into overdrive drama queen mode, claiming falsely to be a victim again, like conservatives do. What he doesn’t do — check facts before opening his mouth / hitting his keyboard or correct facts he gets wrong.

    That fake victim crap is rather like you are doing in your own way here. Conservatives are one big pity party.

    You have the worst candidate since Ray-gun, and he does deserve the heavy criticism leveled at him. He IS a fascist, racist, misogynist mob-connected pig. His attitudes towards Muslims is very much on a par with Hitler’s towards Jews back in the day. His willingness to violate international law by killing the families of those he views as enemies, or to torture, contrary to international and US law is just one more example of why he is like Hitler, who also favored torture.

    And both Pence and Trump are lying about torture EVER having produced actionable or valid intelligence, much less anything that ever made the US or anyone else safer. I noticed that Cheney never produced any evidence of that, and the various security agencies and investigations into torture never found any evidence it helped a damn thing, rather it HURT efforts to make us safer.

    But hey – whine away. It’s what you do.

  3. Once again, Mitch invents a strawman (woman I guess in this case) so he can have the argument he wants rather than the argument he should have.

    Let’s be clear about what liberals thought of Reagan:
    1. He needlessly built up the military
    2. He pursued first strike technology in pursuing Star Wars (which was both a financial and technological boondoggle that STILL doesn’t work) – yes, there’ve been benefits but benefits which could have been achieved far more cheaply.
    3. He gutted our environmental protections
    4. He ran up the debt needlessly
    5. He gave big tax cuts to the wealthy and handouts to corporations
    6. He engaged in an illegal, secret war for which he deserved to be impeached
    7. He had a good sense of common decency, though, and one which exceeds that of ANY of the Republican candidates I saw this year (for President).
    8. He was a bit of a stooge
    9. He lied a LOT, I mean, a HUUUUGE amount.

    Damned few people I heard describe him as a racist, though clearly he used racially charged (and false) accusations about “welfare mammas”, do you deny that? No one really thought he was going to get us into a nuclear war, not really, the tensions were never that high, but his Star Wars and IRBM stances certain were destabilizing to nuclear discussions. To his credit, when he found out that there wasn’t a missile shield (and that he thought there was one describes just how profoundly ignorant he was), he did take charge and engage in and complete the START treaty (a very good thing and for which I am grateful to him). So, again Mitch, your straw-woman is such a load of bull. Try arguing the points, rather than your sophistry about the points.

  4. Pen,

    I don’t think that word (“Strawman”) means what you think it means. It means “Making the other side defend an argument they never made”.

    I’m making a satirical caricature of lefty behavior.

    Also, you seem to have completely missed the point.

    Remember the parable of the boy who cried wolf?

    Your version of the Reagan administration is your selected set of chanting points, and pretty much point by point wrong or at the very least very very arguable…

    …but we’ve argued it in the past, over and over and over. There’s really no point now.

    The point is – three decades of Democrats crying wolf about Republicans has led us to a situation where people don’t really care what the media says about Trump. And you, and the other bloggers who’ve been part of the Democrat noise machine, share in the blame!

    BTW, Pen – could you please pass the word to DG that she needs to go back to her comments from yesterday, or I’m going to start whiting out her comments again? Appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. Deeeeeeeeee Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

    You missed the point.

    You missed it to a geometric opposite. As usual.

    I’m starting to think the issue here isn’t merely bad reading comprehension and an exceptionally advanced case of over-entitlement.

    Anyway – rather than babbling about the wrong subject, why don’t you do something productive, and go back to the comments you left yesterday? Your “facts”, “logic” and “argument” were pretty well shredded by people who actually know what they’re talking about, can actually do research, and can actually construct an argument.

    You might learn something.

    You might also learn something by the fact that I’m going to start whiting out your comments if you don’t do exactly that.


  6. DG and Pen,

    Do the two of you realize you’ve proven my point, and played perfectly into the stereotype?

    You may now commence your 90 seconds’ hate.

  7. “You may now commence your 90 seconds’ hate”.

    what they don’t get a full 2 minutes? or are you worried that their attention span can’t handle 2 minutes?

  8. btw DG’s comment is cut an paste from her wed post on her seldom visited site – she’s just using you blog to get a broader audience

  9. I’m sure that abandoning Iraq early had nothing to do with setting up ISIS, which is now biting the whole West in the back, right?

    And expanding drone warfare with a large number of civilian casualties is certainly permitted under international law, right?

    And allowing Cabinet officers to do politics on government time is certainly not a violation of the Hatch Act is it?

    Allowing Cabinet officers to violate the laws on removing confidential information and destroying government records certainly isn’t criminal now, is it?

    How about personally profiting from foreign contributions to your family foundation while said foreigners are lobbying you for waivers? That can’t possibly be corruption.

    And using the IRS to attack your enemies, which was impeachable under Nixon, is no longer a criminal act under Obama now, is it?

    As I’ve always said, without double standards, progressives would have NO standards.

    You have the worst candidate since Ray-gun, and he does deserve the heavy criticism leveled at him. He IS a fascist, racist, misogynist mob-connected pig.

    Ok, show the fascist policies he wants. Show me the racist policies he would implement (remember, Muslims aren’t a “race”, nor are illegal immigrants who come from many different countries). And as for misogynist, I laugh in your face. They guy is just short of Bill Clinton in his love of women and nobody’s ever accused him of rape, nor have they accused him of discriminating against women in employment (he had the first female in charge of skyscraper construction, for example).

  10. what they don’t get a full 2 minutes? or are you worried that their attention span can’t handle 2 minutes?

    I believe that the average attention span is 90 seconds these days. Did DG have anything significant to say? I’ve decided to stop wasting my time reading her posts.

  11. Do the two of you realize you’ve proven my point, and played perfectly into the stereotype?

    No they don’t Mitch. Kind of like how the media and the Clinton camp fell into Trumps trap about the emails yesterday. He got them to admit that there might actually be some significant stuff in those emails. I still don’t think they realized they got played.

  12. OK, the military buildup was needless, but we’ll ignore the fact that the Warsaw Pact collapsed after trying to keep up.

    And Star Wars never worked, which is why the Russians lobbied Obama hard to get it removed from eastern Europe.

    And he gutted environmental protections by….signing a treaty to ban CFCs….Otherwise even the NY Times admits he didn’t.

    And he failed to retaliate against those responsible for the 1983 Beirut suicide bombing….by arming the enemies of Hezbollah’s sponsor, Iran…which was common for all parties in the Cold War. We also allowed the families of the victims to sue for, and win, over 2 billion dollars from Iran.

    And he, through his servant Tip O’Neill, got tax cuts and deficit spending through the House of Representatives….

    Y’all might want to try “reality” sometime, DG and Pen.

  13. On the one hand, it’s nice to know what the Liberal Wing of the Democrat Party is “thinking” so for that purpose, Penigma and Dog Gone are helpful commenters. Gives us advance notice so we can prepare.

    But seriously, what is it with Socialists and long speeches? Yes, it takes time to think through want you really want to say, then edit a comment to excise stray thoughts and focus on the point (Pascal’s “I’d have written a shorter letter but I didn’t have time” is true).

    It’s inconsiderate to waste the reader’s time wading through drivel in hopes of a nugget of insight. It’s even worse when the nuggets found are not insights, but puppy excrement.


  14. Pen – any response to Bubba?

    I’ll head off one of the inevitable objections; while the Warpac DID collapse as a direct result of being unable to keep up with the west’s buildup, the left will usually claim that it was going to happen anyway, and that the knew it all along.

    And yet not only can you not find a single credible leftist (or, for that matter, Republican) who claimed it before 1980, you can search long and hard to find a single lefty commentator who doesn’t say “The USSR is here to stay” – up to and including Strobe Talbott, who was still claiming it…

    …in 1991.

    Seriously, Pen – I hope to read your response.

  15. Chavez used to give speeches 6-7 hours long. Just something about the people and their mindset I guess.

  16. One more; “Star Wars” was about first strike capability, which is why Reagan offered the system to the Soviets when he announced the program. Nothing says “first strike capability” like giving the “enemy” the ability to shoot your ICBMs out of the sky.

    And yes, we knew the Warsaw Pact was going to fall anyways, which is why people in the late 1980s taught me in high school and even college that the USSR was here to stay, and this is also why all of us gasped “holy shit” when we watched footage of the Wall falling.

    DG, Pen, you’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own set of facts. You’re veering strongly into the latter.

  17. He pursued first strike technology in pursuing Star Wars (which was both a financial and technological boondoggle that STILL doesn’t work)

    Tell that to the thousands of Israelis who are not dead from Hezbollah rockets thanks to the Iron Dome Pen. Again like Mitch said, you are entitled to your opinions but not facts.

  18. I’m making a satirical caricature of lefty behavior.
    Also, you seem to have completely missed the point.
    Remember the parable of the boy who cried wolf?

    Wait, do you mean? Mother Goose’s tales are not gospel and Brother Grimm tales are not historical fact? Manna does not fall from heaven and money does not grow on trees? Surely you jest! Geez, libturd mind is completely devoid of any thought – a true echo chamber.

  19. Not to mention the pants wetting that they went on yesterday. OMG TRUMP SEZ RUSSIA SHOULD HACK HILLARYS EMAILS. Trump actually had to come out tpday and say he was being sarcastic, like any normal person could see easily.

  20. I see DG ducked out of the “newsroom” where she’s investigating the connections between Trump, Putin, and the “altered” e-mails (still waiting on proof, by the way) to write a lengthy screed about Reagan, rather than respond to the questions and challenges posed to her on previous posts.

  21. If Putin really wanted Trump to win, he could release a batch of her deleted emails. He could do it through Assange to keep his fingerprints off of it.

  22. You know, Ian, one might make an inference from DG’s lack of response, and her supposed hours/days of research trying to find out conspiracies between Trump and Putin, altered emails, and the like.

    Specifically, per Berg’s 7th law, that conspiracies are what she sees among her political allies.

  23. DG-“Trump is a fascist, racist…” In your next sentence you mention Muslims, but Muslims aren’t a race, and Mexicans aren’t a race. So what’s your proof of the racism and fascism assertion? Stupid question, because I know you’ll never answer.

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  25. Bonus points: DG agrees with Glenn Beck. I heard a bit of his show yesterday and he was also claiming that Trump’s people had ties to Putin.

    Bet she just loves that.

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