Not That There Was Much Doubt

The Big Left constantly tries to undercut the gun debate by saying “nobody’s coming for your guns”.

Some of us say “bullsh*t”.

We’re right:

Never compromise. Not even one inch.

3 thoughts on “Not That There Was Much Doubt

  1. The crazy thing about the matter is that they don’t gain anything by banning guns. OK, you don’t like guns, don’t buy one, but unless you actually prove that my (hypothetical) guns are a danger to someone, why do you care?

    It’s a lot like “debating” with DG, or often Pen. Facts just don’t seem to enter into the equation.

  2. This was my theory on why I was one of the 15% of people opposed to banning the sale of guns to someone who ends up on a DHS terror watch list. That is step one to total gun confiscation. Because how you end up on there is classified, and getting your name off it is basically impossible.

  3. PoD: that’s a feature of the list as far as the Dems are concerned, not a bug. And he who controls entry onto the list, controls the availability of firearms. It’s not so much a step 1 as it is the final step since all they have to do is say that anyone at 6 removes from a suspected terrorist should be put on the list and that’s essentially the whole country (says the guy at 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon)

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