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  1. Michelle Obama:

    “They act as if name-calling is an acceptable substitute for thoughtful debate, as if anger and intolerance should be our default state rather than the optimism and openness that have always been the engine of our progress.”

    The Left has made name calling a substitute for debate. The Left’s default position is anger and intolerance. Optimism and openness are as unknown to them as respect for the people whose lives they wish to control.
    Look at any of DG’s comments if you want proof.

  2. This is what you need to know about Michelle Obama.
    She graduated from Princeton, where she majored in Black Studies.
    She graduated from HLS, and from there took on various nothingburger jobs in Chicago politics and the public sector — not lawyering. She has never represented a client in court.
    She got a massive pay increase when her husband was elected US Senator.
    In the White House she has decided to focus on public school lunches, a subject about which she has neither training nor education.
    Her kids have never eaten a public school lunch in their lives.

  3. Writing as the son of a dietician who DID learn a bit about nutrition, Mrs. Obama’s diatribes are often nothing short of hilarious. She did one great one about “cheese dust” without ever looking up what it is (it’s flavored whey powder, arguably more nutritious than cheese in certain regards), and has pushed through a regulation to separate out “added” sugars from “natural” ones, as if your body cares about whether it gets its sucrose and fructose from grape juice, apple juice, or corn syrup. (it doesn’t)

    In doing all this, she’s given healthy food a bad name for a generation. Heckuva job, Michelle.

  4. Her speech is, to me, illustrative of the toxic outlook much of the “progressives” in this country have. Rather than celebrating the fact that “her people” have gone from oppression and slavery in making that building to living it, she constantly takes grievance on what happened in the past rather than what is happening now. It’s as if she is immune to progress and fixated on grievance. She refuses to integrate with America, and insists on separating Americans into tribes, completely ignoring what tribalism does to prevent actual progress! “Progressives against Progress!” Strange, but the current worldview of most of those folks.

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