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  1. And…MnScu is banning its baseball teams from playing in North Carolina tournaments (because NC doesn’t allow drag queens to use women’s bathrooms), but they do have study aboard programs in countries where it is illegal to be a homosexual.
    I like living in the Twin Cities, but Wisconsin or Texas is looking more attractive all the time.

  2. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’ve got to suggest that the administration knows very well what they’re doing and why. Let’s explore what would happen if (probably when) they carry the day and “affirmative consent” becomes de facto law on university campi.

    Well, for starters, the process of courting would become really stilted for those who are, while not sinless of course, basically respectable. Guys would be afraid to take a friendship to the next level, really.

    On the flip side, those who never have honored the rules of polite society are going to carry on as usual–but with a twist; there will be a lot more ladies out there who haven’t gotten any attention from men.

    Want to make sure a lot MORE women get victimized by cads? Follow the administration, and you will get there.

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