3 thoughts on “News You Can Abuse

  1. When do we impeach? Seriously; when we’re paying a trillion bucks per year for welfare, we’re letting low wage workers in to depress wages exactly why? Didn’t he make a pledge, TWICE, to faithfully execute the laws? It’s actually worse, too, because President Blago is also counting turn-backs as deportations.

    Note in the article about drones that it’s illegal to overfly without permission. I’m thinking 12 gauge with full choke might do the trick. Get complaints, show ’em the law.

  2. Obmama has a lot to do, and little time left to do it. We can expect 2016 to be a year marked by the most corrosive, anti-American, unconstitutional acts committed by any US President. Yup, another historical precedent by our equal opportunity community organizer-in-chief.

  3. Still looking for the false flag event, most likely related to all of the mooslims he’s letting into the country, around October 15.

    He’ll hang on for at least a year to finish the country off to seal his demented legacy.

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