Ninny Up!

“Protect Minnesota” is taking it to the streets!

Heather Martens – who, let the record show, has never, not once, said or written a single true, substantive and original thing about guns or gun law – is undertaking one of her last actions as “executive director”

With the Minnesota legislature convening on March 8, now is the time to plug into our plan to stop the gun lobby and build safer communities! Every session, the gun lobby tries to ram through bills like “Shoot First/Stand Your Ground” or carrying pistols without a permit. We’ve been able to stop them year after year — but only because you have shown up.  

She’s making things up again.  Nobody “showed up”.

“Stand Your Ground” passed the legislature with bipartisan support; it was vetoed by Governor Dayton when Alita Messinger yanked his leash.  And that was the only reason Minnesota didn’t join 23 other states that opted to protect the rights of people who resist victimization by criminals and greedy prosecutors.

“Protect” MN’s clubfooted version of activism may have contributed to the good guys almost winning on that issue.

Anyway, they’re going to try to get people to turn up again:

Can you commit to showing up again? [Ha ha ha!  – Ed] You’re invited to a meeting near you next week:
In Mahtomedi – Wednesday, February 24, at 6:30 pm — Click here to RSVP
In Saint Paul – Thursday, February 25, at 6:30 pm – Click here to RSVP
In Duluth – Sunday, February 28,
a faith summit from 1:30-4:30. Click here to RSVP.

Wanna know something funny?  If you try to RSVP, they don’t divulge the locations.  They are apparently worried that Real Americans will infiltrate the meetings and…tell the truth?  I dunno.

And what can the gentle reader expect?

At these meetings, you will:

  • Learn how to pass our background check resolution at your precinct caucus Tuesday, March 1;
  • Sign up for face-to-face meetings with key legislators during the session;
  • Meet our new executive director!

So wait – “Protect MN” is going to pass a “background check resolution”, to become part of a DFL platform that already calls for gun control?

Sounds like a brilliant use of time and effort!

Oh, yeah – as re the last bullet:

That’s right, I’m stepping out of the executive director role to support Protect MN in other capacities. Watch your email for the full announcement. Meanwhile, see you next week!

If you learn the secret handshake, anyway.

As for me?  Heather Martens, I’ll attend your meeting for $1,500.

Thank you for all you do,

Heather Martens

The reader most likely “does” nothing – which likely has more effect on politics in MN than “Protect” MN does.

16 thoughts on “Ninny Up!

  1. Actually Mitch, I have no problems receiving the locations etc. Gee I wonder why it is that you don’t?

    You are incorrect about Heather et al having no effect. I’ve observed otherwise.

  2. Of course you have, doggie. Say, can you translate what Barking Shrillary was saying when she was howling at the moon? Or was she pandering to the transspecies crowd like yourself?

  3. I also agree to attend, with the following provisions:
    -First class airfare, Hawaii-Minneapolis and return.
    -Lodging for two weeks at a five-star hotel (so I can visit mom).
    -Car and driver.
    -$1500 honorarium.
    -Dinner for two at the Old Country Buffet (so I can take mom out).

  4. I’ve observed otherwise.


    What, specifically, have you “observed?”

    I’m going to guess “empirically, nothing”.

    Feel free to set me straight – assuming you ever actually respond to anything.

  5. I have no problems receiving the locations etc

    Really? So when you click on the RSVP links, you see addresses and times?

    Please provide a screenshot. Thanks.

  6. At 2:57 on Friday the 19th, I clicked all three. The Duluth one says it’s at Temple Israel, the others are still TBA.

  7. I didn’t check Duluth when I wrote this piece. Mahtomedi and Saint Paul were (ssssssshhhh) top secret.

    When you email to RSVP, you get an email saying “we’ll call you with the details”.

  8. Swiftee;

    She always gets her ass handed to her, but she continues to lie.

    Either she is just that dense or she is a slow learner.

  9. DG,

    Honestly, this is a serious question.

    What effect DO you believe Heather Martens has had?

    Even the gun-grabbers realize she’s ineffective; she’s being forced out by the Bloomberg mob. We Real Americans in the 2nd Amendment movement love her, because every time she opens her mouth, our position gets better.

    No, really; in the ten years or so that she’s been a high-profile player, the Real Americans have won a bipartisan majority, even among non-metro Democrats.

    We Real Americans lament her departure.

    So, if you please, answer my serious, non-loaded question; what do you think that doddering biddy has actually done? Please be just a little bit specific.

  10. “Either she is just that dense or she is a slow learner.”
    I think at bottom it’s pride and snobbery.

  11. Odd. I didn’t notice that she said to introduce that resolution at a DFL caucus, just “at caucus.” Why do you not believe that included the GOP caucuses? We take resolutions, too, you know. And actually think about them.

  12. DG? Simple question – what do you think Heather has accomplished.

    If you could answer, I’d much appreciate it.

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