Meet The DFL’s Praetorian Guard

The City Pages – the Twin Cities’ media’s aggressively dumb and mindlessly aggressive little brother – engages in “Trump-shaming”, in an article that asks the question that’s on every Minnesotan’s “mind”:


Who among us would give to Donald Trump? These people, that’s who.

The article then publishes the names of everyone (they could find) who’s donated to Trump, from the $1,000 donations down to $19.

Now, let nobody be under the delusion that the City Pages is anything but the low end of the DFL’s PR chain, covering the “dumb, entitled, self-impressed would-be hipster” market segment.

But this is part of a larger Democrat strategy – and it’s nothing new.  Back in 2010, the DFL used the media to help “shame” Tom Emmer’s corporate donors into acquiescence.   Newspapers around the country have been trying to “gun-shame” carry permit holders (in states that have less-effective protections for permittees than Minnesota law does, thankfully) ever since they could.  Even Minneapolis city councilwoman, Generalissima and Councilwoman for Life Alondra Cano, used/abused her position with the city to try to “shame” her critics by publicizing their personal contact information.

This is your Twin Cities media, doing its job.

No, I mean its real job.

6 thoughts on “Meet The DFL’s Praetorian Guard

  1. This is your Twin Cities media, doing its job.

    They are doing what they get paid to do. Just follow the money.

  2. I’m not a Trump fan and believe the sooner he goes away the better. But…..I’d love to give him $20 just to get my name on the list of those who the loony DFL left hate.
    Also, I started to have some respect for Ralph Nader when the Democrats tried to destroy him.

  3. St Paul PP had a story a recently on the CD 2. Several Republicans are running. Only one Democrat. The article gave a high level view of who donors are (no names). For the Democrat, they said “most of her donors are listed as not working or trial lawyers”. Yup, that sums up the DFL party.

  4. It would seem that transparency in government, including naming political donors, only works as long as people don’t pick out donors for retribution. Brendan Eich could have warned us this was coming, no?

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