A Good Guy With A Gun?

A couple of wannabe thugs apparently tried to turn a craigslist transaction into a heist in Shakopee yesterday.

And while the article doesn’t say so explicitly, reading between the lines, it would appear the Fugs picked the wrong guy:

Police radio reports indicated that the apparent victim of the attempted robbery had a handgun and fired at the would-be robber. Shakopee police and other law officers were looking for a silver-gray Chevrolet Venture van with at least two people inside, with at least one armed with a revolver.

Radio reports indicated that the robber ran from the scene toward the White Castle restaurant near Walmart and then got into a vehicle, which reportedly got on Highway 169. The State Patrol was looking for the vehicle.

The apparent victim was waiting near the Walmart garden center entrance for police. He apparently was not injured.

Police were planning to look at store video.

The article doesn’t say so explicitly – but waiting for the cops at the store after an incident is the behavior you’d expect from someone who took carry permit training.

Kim Norton and Heather Martens, obviously, would have preferred that the victim submit meekly, and maybe die.

UPDATE:  The Strib is being veeeeeeery slow to release the facts of this case, including who shot first and who shot who.

8 thoughts on “A Good Guy With A Gun?

  1. Didn’t happen in MN, but still on topic.

    Last Friday, two armed thugs attempted to rob a Columbia, SC barber shop. After terrorizing several patrons, including children, two armed, CC permit holding customers, shot one of the perps and possibly the second. One died and the other fled the scene.

    From the article, posted on a black oriented news site, this iincident appears to have occurred in a black owned business, by black thugs.

    Oh, the humanity!

  2. Merg, really, enough already. If you are going to post every “good guy/gal with a gun’ incident you won’t have time to write about anything else. And it still won’t shut DG up.

  3. Sniff. I love it when a story has a happy ending. The sad part is that it appears that Shakopee is getting to be a more interesting town, and I periodically have business there.

  4. Alec, I’ll take bikebubba comments for $800
    “…Shakopee is getting to be a more interesting town,…”
    What are words that have never been put together in a sentence until now?

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