Check Your Urban Liberal Privilege

Minneapolis ninth Ward representative Alondra Cano likes to paint herself as the champion of the underprivileged…

…while availing herself of that most excellent privilege, awesome vacations on the taxpayers dime.

(And that other awesome liberal privilege, using the government she works for to strong-arm those she disagrees with, all the while claiming to be the victim).

14 thoughts on “Check Your Urban Liberal Privilege

  1. anchor baby takes to graft like a duck to water – well at least she’s not reinforcing any stereotypes!

  2. You shall not question the state, or the state will go after you. But I do enjoy watching one leftwing entity attack another for not being pure enough.

  3. “Everything in the state – Nothing outside the state – Nothing against the state”

    The foundation of Progressivism is the conception of the State, its character, its duty, and its aim. Progressivism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived of in their relation to the State. The conception of the Constitutional State is not that of a directing force, guiding the play and development, both material and spiritual, of a collective body, but merely a force limited to the function of recording results: on the other hand, the Progressive State is itself conscious and has itself a will and a personality — thus it may be called the “ethic” State….

    …The Progressive State organizes the nation, but leaves a sufficient margin of liberty to the individual; the latter is deprived of all useless and possibly harmful freedom, but retains what is essential; the deciding power in this question cannot be the individual, but the State alone…. “

    a famous definition of a popular and powerful political movement from the former editor of Avarti Magazine – what member of the MPLS city council would even quibble with the above – Hell even DG would agree with it!

  4. “sorry – Avanti Magizine”



    And suddenly I’m craving Danish cheese.

  5. yes!
    A baguette sliced in half lengthwise
    brushed with garlic butter covered with thin slices of havarti cheese
    then broiled for a few minutes just until it begins to melt

    think I’ll go see whats in the pantry

  6. Geez, kel… talk about stereotypes!

    We are watching the rise of the elite and privileged classes in this country. A precondition to total goobernment takeover over the populace.

  7. JPA
    she’s new in office, just wait til she figures out that her husband or cousin can form a non-profit ( something like” Minneapolis International Center for Market Justice”) and then get significant grants from the city approved by her. Give her 10 years in office and she’ll be a millionaire.

  8. Didn’t the Star Trib send a reporter to follow a Mpls Councilwoman on several of these junkets and find they were golfing holidays?

    I wonder if this slob would have gone to the Big Glerbal Werming mashup if it had been held in Villa Las Estrellas, as it should have been. I bet not.

  9. Minneapolis isn’t alone, St. Paul sent several people. Heck, my alma mater sent students including a Peace Studies major (because, of course, a major cause of terrorism is climate change so fixing that will help us Visualize Whorled Peas).

    I suggest next year the conference be held in a place that has experienced dramatic climate change and resultant terrorism: Mogadishu, Darfur, Islamabad, Fallujah, or similar. They certainly could use the tourism dollars and it’d give the earnest do-gooders some wonderful photo opportunities.

  10. Thanks JD for ruining my monitor! It is all covered in lunch bits. Peace Studies major? Or are you pulling my lariat?

  11. C’mon Joe Doakes – How many 5-star hotels with an in room spa with a 24-hour attendent; Mobil 3-star restaurants offering gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, locally sourced farm to table, while featuring lobster, aged prime beef, and line caught fish; shops with handbags starting at >$10,000 & watches…, er, uh, time pieces starting at >$50,000; and enough blonde hookers that a world leader (or wannabe’s like this joke of a councilmember) need not be concerned that he / she is getting ‘sloppy seconds’ (unless they’re into that kind of thing) exist in Mogadishu, Darfur, Islamabad, Fallujah, or similar. Be realistic man. If it doesn’t have these minimum accommodations and a 5,000 foot paved runway (minimum required for a Gulfstream G550 at sea level) no world leader or wannabe could possibly attend a meeting there.

  12. On another note – Last I heard, Corey Zurowski had a hard on for (in no particular order) Stewart Mills, John Klein and, well, Mitch Berg. (An amalgamation on my part for anyone in the gun rights movement with the temerity to stand up for our civil rights, 2A wise.) As these three are in constant need of Corey speaking truth to their ‘power’.
    You would think the mere questioning of a Mpls council member landed Mr. Zurowski in trouble with his fellows at the City Pages. Must have been approved for “balance” like back when McClatchy use to require the Strib to feature one conservative per week on the editorial page over the strenuous objection of the editorial page editor.

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