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  1. Bachelor’s Degree at a minimum, Master’s preferred. No field stated? I’m no employment lawyer, but this troubles me.

    It’s well documented that Black people obtain college degrees at lower rates than White, graduate degrees lower still. Demanding a degree merely for the sake of a degree – unrelated to any knowledge base required for the job – is facially neutral but has a disparate impact on racial groups who have historically been discriminated against in hiring.

    The advertisement is illegal discrimination in employment. It violates the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Which isn’t surprising, since the purpose of the organization is to oppose human rights – the right to effective self-defense. But we should still call them on it.


  2. Require:“Access to a vehicle and a valid driver’s license”

    But all the trains and buses will already take you anywhere important you need to go. This just contributes to AGW.

    this reads like an ad for a paper delivery job.

  3. Mitch, just for $#its and giggles you should throw in an application. I also hope that some real pro 2A people apply.
    Joe, you’re absolutely right. This is obviously a racist organization and should be called to account for its Disparate Impact on the minority community.

  4. Joe: Good point.

    Kel: Corretion: “trains and buses will already take you anywhere important gun control advocates need to go”

    SSC: Thinking about it…

  5. I like the bit about wanting three years of executive leadership experience for a job that pays $50,000. Good luck with requirement #1, to put it mildly.

    Wonder where Martens is going. I’m guessing “on to bigger and better things”, as I’m skeptical that this group has seen her consistent record of BS and shown her the door for that. Time to send notes to the grantmakers on this group’s pathetic record of nonfactual claims and hopefully kill it off once and for all.

  6. BB;

    She’s most likely going on to a gubmint job. That way, she still has no accountability.

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