Back To ’67

The biggest news this past year is the general consensus (among those who are paying attention) that Barack Obama is worse – much worse – a president than Jimmy Carter.  He’s more along the lines of Woodrow Wilson or LBJ.

Ed Driscoll on how apt the LBJ parallel actually is:

Between the race riots, the campus riots, the massive expansion of the federal government and the concurrent belief in its infallibility, the military debacles overseas, a feeling in general that the nation was out of control and now this latest call for the wise men to bail him out, it really does feel like we’re living out the last year of the Johnson administration, doesn’t it? Funny, when Democratic operatives with bylines were submitting Tiger Beat-style articles in 2007 and 2008 dreamily forecasting which Democrat presidencies Obama’s would most closely resemble, LBJ’s rarely made the list. Wonder why?

Because none of them remembered back that far?

5 thoughts on “Back To ’67

  1. really does feel like we’re living out the last year of the Johnson administration … for the past 7 years.

  2. But isn’t it a proverb that if you remember the sixties, you weren’t there?

    Seriously, as bad a President as LBJ was, he at least had the excuse that he didn’t have the data that showed it was a bad idea, excepting what Pat Moynihan noted about AFDC in 1965 or so. Now we have both theory and practice telling us that the Obama platform is horrible.

    I personally agree with Powerline that Mr. Soetoro is handily winning “worst ever”, having even eclipsed Buchanan.

  3. It took me a while to figure out what it is that bugs me most Obama. Then I read a comment somewhere recently. We have an internet troll for President. His open contempt for those who don’t think like him. Calling Republicans his “enemies”. His contempt for Biblical Christians (such as the Little Sisters of the Poor). Going on left wing comedy cable shows. Just his casual put downs of the US population that has more traditional views about and of America. Those bitter gun and Bible clingers.

  4. The Blamer/Liar in Chief is also an absolute tyrant to his staff.

    His former assistant recently spoke about how petty and childish he got when something as mundane as his lunch order got messed up.

    Of course, these same types of stories have come out about Hilary and Al Gore, belittling their minions. Like Moochelle Obumbler, they hate their Secret Service details.

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