The Top Ten Next KARE11 Debate Matchups

In the wake of the “debate” between Heather Martens – liar for hire and leader of a gun grabber “group,” sort of – and…


Andy Parrish?  The former Michele Bachmann staffer and campaign manager of the abortive Marriage Amendment, who is famous for many things, not including having an extensive portfolio as a Second Amendment activist?

Nothing against Andy, with whom I’m a nodding acquaintance – but why in the name of all that is holy would anyone select him to be the face of Second Amendment Human Rights issues?

My hunch:   because he’s the only Republican that anyone at KARE11 has talked to, lately, and, perhaps, someone at KARE11 figured it’d be a fair fight.  Martens going up against Andrew Rothman or Joe Olson or David Gross of GOCRA, or Bryan Strawser or Rob Doar of MNGOPAC, or even lil’ ol’ me would be a massacre.  A turkey shoot.  Like shooting fish in a barrel on a plate.

Anyway, KARE11,  I’m all about the help.  So I’m here to suggest some equally-appropriate matchups of “expert spokesperson” and issue:

For a Debate On…: “Expert”
10. The nature of Dark Matter Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges
9. “Why would God let the Holocaust happen?” Retired Twins announcer John Gordon
8. Is Adrian Peterson past his prime? Dr. Larry Jacobs, U of M Political Science prof and author
7. Were Shakespeare’s works written by people other than he? Jesse Ventura, former Governor and professional wrestler
6. When does human life begin, to a moral certainty? Mark Brown, former bassist for Prince’s “Revolution” band.
5. How do we deflate the entitlement bubble without messing up the part of the economy that’s based on entitlements? Comedian Louie Anderson
4. How do we resolve the crisis with Militant Islam? Diana Pierce, KARE11 anchor.  (Or maybe former anchor.  I haven’t watched local TV news in ten years.  Is Diana Pierce still there?)
3. Resolving our immigration and citizenship dilemmas Heather Martens, director and sole member of “Protect Minnesota”
2. What is the nature of liberty, in the modern world? The Fox Sports North girls
1. Does God exist? Any random person at Happy Hour at the Gopher Bar in Saint Paul.

There you go, KARE. Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you.

UPDATE: Bryan Strawser of MNGOPAC is responding to KARE11:

Letter to KARE-11 TV – October 2015 Gun Control Debate by Bryan Strawser

So, I think, will I. More later.

3 thoughts on “The Top Ten Next KARE11 Debate Matchups

  1. “And now, Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman will present his case against capitalism and the free market, followed by a rebuttal by Bill O’Reilly of TV’s “O’Reilly Factor!”

  2. Kind of on-topic, another tortured statistics exercise from the Orcs showed up today in AP with a headline “Studies show fewer gun deaths in states with strict gun laws”. You gotta read it to disbelieve it.

  3. The headline of JPA’s AP article:
    Studies Show Fewer Gun Deaths In States With Strict Gun Laws

    and the second paragraph:

    Researchers who have studied the issue argue they generally do, but with some caveats. They cannot say whether the laws, or some other factors, are the reason for a lower rate of firearm deaths and that there are exceptions.

    The article is worthless, the headline is deceptive. Propaganda payload delivered.

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