Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Obama-care is the federal program, but Minnesota Democrats rushed to set up our own parallel Minnesota Care system so every Minnesota family could easily find affordable health insurance.  But insurance companies are dropping out of Minnesota Care to avoid administrative hassles and taxes to reduce overhead, and that makes their plans even more affordable than the Minnesota Care plans.

The Democrats’ proposed solution?  No, not decrease administrative hassle or lower taxes to make Minnesota Care competitive.  Certainly not.  No, the proposed solution is to impose administrative hassles and taxes on insurance companies who are NOT participating in Minnesota Care, so that everybody is equally hassled and taxed.  The name of the guy proposing that – Jim Schowalter – may sound familiar.  That’s because he was Mark Dayton’s Commissioner of Budget who oversaw setting up the Minnesota Care system at a cost of half-a-billion dollars, now he’s the chief lobbyist for the insurance companies in the system.

I say there’s something fishy about this story.  It’s all about people losing their plan and paying more for it.  But if you like your plan, you can keep your plan and every family saves $2,500 – we know this because The Light-bringer told us so.  There’s something not right about this new story.

Joe Doakes

It’s the Minnesota way.

1 thought on “Passive-Aggression

  1. So, you’re sayin’ that the Democraps instituted a failure of a system? Hahaha! That’s crazy talk!

    Let’s see how fast the Red Star jumps on this to expose the lies and stupidity. I won’t hold my breath waiting.

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