Thanks A Billion

To:  Governor Dayton, the Minnesota DFL, and just enough Republicans to make it a community embarassment
From:  Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Thanks For Nothing, Idiots


We – those of us on the real right – tried to warn you.  But you were too busy gettign yoru arm twisted by Zigi Wilf, or entertaining sentimental stories about families going to Met Stadium in -25 blizzard conditions, or wiping foam from guys in helga braids off your face, to pay attention.

So pay attention now; you were wrong, and we were right, and the deal you were browbeaten into or were too stupid to know better than to oppose “crafted” to build the new Vikings stadium is one of the worst stadium deals in the US.

However, I’m sure the Downtown Brotherhood has made their thanks known.

On behalf of the rest of us?   Oh, yeah – we don’t count, except if we don’t pay our taxes on time.

That is all.


5 thoughts on “Thanks A Billion

  1. The billion dollar stadium is accessed by the billion dollar light rail line. I voted against both. Wait!?

  2. I didn’t have time to read the article yet, but it seems Obama’s takeover of zoning laws may not allow the affordable housing to be built along the Green Line light rail. That is right. The central planner in the White House made up a rule so now leftwing St Paul can’t build lower income housing along a light rail line that poorer people, who often don’t own cars, can use to get to jobs.
    But hey, at least we got our first black (sic?) President.

  3. Article says that “Minneapolis” is on the hook. Is it them, or the whole state, for that $700 million, plus or minus? ’cause if it’s the city, I can think of a real simple solution….let them go bankrupt, ’cause they will. No way you can squeeze an extra two grand per man, woman, and child out of them…

  4. I seem to remember Mpls being on the hook for $150M, and the attendant non-existent controversy that was not raised when the city council pretty much ignored the section of the city charter that was amended to read “any public funding of a sports facility greater than $15M must be put to a general vote by the entire city” in response to getting railroaded for the Target Center. Apparently the uber-lefty population of Mpls was willing to overlook that transgression of the uber-lefty city council.

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