17 thoughts on “Fighting Residual Anomalous Racism With Acute Personal Racism

  1. Incomplete Mitch.

    You try to make one of your conservative slams against higher education, and of course you make frequent slams against any action you deem to be too politically correct.

    Your link shows that this woman has been fired, so no, she’s no longer a University Professor. The system works.

    As a point of information however, seems to me that a review of the stats shows more mass murderers have been white than not. That doesn’t mean mass murder is inevitable on the basis of race, but it does make an interesting point about demographics.

  2. Seems to me you should be on her side, Dog Gone. Liberals abhor discipline in schools and seek to restore the vote to felons, which implies Liberals believe Backs aren’t capable of following the ordinary rules of civilized behavior so society must give them a pass. Odd that all you racisssss don’t hang together.

  3. Yes, U. Memphis has done the right thing now–after apparently at least close to a year after she started saying some pretty inflammatory things, really. Or, some are reporting that she’s left to take another sociology job at Rhodes College in Memphis. Not quite sure which.

    But that said, somehow this woman got her Ph.D. in sociology and also at least one academic job despite what appears to be some rather transparent bigotry that ought to have showed up somewhere in her studies and published work. This is what sociology is today, apparently.

  4. The first thing you need to remember when reading a comment from Dog Gone is that its purpose is to express hatred and lies.
    Here’s the hatred:
    “As a point of information however, seems to me that a review of the stats shows more mass murderers have been white than not.”
    It’s impossible to know what she is talking about with this statement. The 9-11 hijackers were mass murderers by any definition. They were Muslim foreigners.

    And the lie:
    “Your link shows that this woman has been fired, so no, she’s no longer a University Professor. ”
    The link does not show that the woman was fired. It merely says she is no longer employed by the University of Memphis. She may have been transfered or gone to work for the University of Memphis as a contractor, doing the same thing, preaching the same race hatred.

  5. DG – the woman’s employment status isn’t the issue here.

    Her hateful, racist statement – one shared by many academics, black and non-black – is.

  6. DG has become a regular. Guess it gets lonely when none of it’s fellow slobs care enough about it’s twaddle to bother checking in to the pig pen.

  7. The cagey university reply — “Zandria Robinson is no longer employed by the University of Memphis.” — may indicate that she has left the university to work as a public school teacher (she has an MA, not a PhD), all the better to spread her race hatred with union and civil service protection.
    And that is really the issue here. We aren’t talking about some PWT plinking away on his PC, we are talking about a woman who is a professional scholar. She was taken deep within the bosom of the liberal establishment that controls academia, and was only distanced slightly when her race hatred was made public. She was at UM for at least three years. Her colleagues must have known about her race hatred (she seems eager to tell people what she thinks) and they accepted her .
    This is what fascism looks like. Far from disqualifying you for a position, hatred qualifies you for it.

  8. Ah, so she does have her PhD, BikeBubba. It goes without saying that any white person who exhibits the level of racial obsession Robinson does won’t be found in the academy. They will be found instead in an insane asylum or hanging onto a lamp post with a bottle in their hand.
    The most reliable indicator of fascism these days is a belief in blood libel. You are guilty not because of anything you choose to do or have chosen to do, but because of what you are. You are guilty of being a white, a Black, a Jew, a kulak, or your “sexual orientation” is set at birth. The final result will be what it always is under such systems of belief. Someone who does not know anything about you other than your race or social class or “sexual orientation” will assign you accordingly. You will be told what is done to people like you. If you are lucky, you will only be told where you will live, what you will do for a living, what laws will apply to you. If you’re unlucky, you will be assigned to a death camp.
    Oh, who am I kidding. It always ends with death camps.

  9. Up until Spring Semester of this year, Robinson was teaching grad students.
    An investigation of the sociology department at the University of Memphis is called for, but it won’t happen.
    I see that The Dukes of Hazzard has disappeared from rotation on tvland. It was only a matter of time since the rage against the Confederacy began last week. Erasing historical memory is a milestone on the path to totalitarianism.

  10. As a leading scholar and author in the areas of race, class, gender, culture, and the South, Dr. Zandria Robinson’s comments are sometimes provocative, controversial, and debatable.

    Dr. Robinson was hired for a faculty position in the Rhodes Anthropology & Sociology Department that calls for expertise in particular areas, specifically gender studies and social movements. Her expertise in these areas, her extensive understanding of the complex problems of race in American society, her deep roots in the Memphis area, and many years of successful teaching experience, made her an attractive candidate for the position.

    When Dr. Robinson was previously at Rhodes during the 2008-2009 academic year, she was well received by students who appreciated her ability to challenge them to think about society with fresh eyes. Throughout her academic career, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to mentor all students.

    Dr. Robinson has an extensive and impressive body of scholarship that provides clarity and context to the sound bite world of social media. This situation ultimately shines a light on Rhodes as a place where intellectual engagement and the exchange of ideas are among our highest priorities.

    Rhodes College is an undergrad liberal arts college in Memphis, associated with the Presbyterians. Mitch may have to revise Trulbert.

  11. And, oh, yes, let me remind you that Dog Gone, in her only comment on this thread, wrote “Your link shows that this woman has been fired, so no, she’s no longer a University Professor. The system works.”
    Dog Gone was wrong x 2 in that paragraph. Robinson was not fired, and the system does not work. The fascists are in a position of dominance in the progressive world.

  12. National Review reports she went to Rhodes College. It’s not clear what led to her departure from Memphis, but I think we can infer that an obscure silly-sciences prof doesn’t seamlessly drift from one job to the next after a termination for cause.

    Or can we?

  13. Update on Ms. Robinson; she apparently is blaming white people for menstrual problems. Lots of other gems from the good professor as well.


    And here is her hiring at Rhodes University,


    Long and short of it is that apparently significant portions of the academy love this kind of bigotry on Ms. Robinson’s part. Wonder if Dog Gone will chime in to tell us how all this is justified. One of my favorite parts of her rantings is how she claims that the only riots that have ruined communities and cost lives are those perpetrated by whites against blacks–as if Watts, the Detroit riots of 1967, Crown Heights, Ferguson, Rodney King, and the like had never happened.

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