3 thoughts on “Stand Aside “Progress” Yelling “Stop!”

  1. “Humans don’t want these jobs.”

    We’ve apparently moved on from “jobs Americans don’t want to do.”

  2. It strikes me that if a truck driver doesn’t take the controls most of the time, God help him when it’s a difficult situation and he needs to. Reality is that we’ve got some pretty good senses in our bodies, and it’s hard to match what a person can do at the controls.

  3. How to interpret the time horizon estimate of a technology researcher.

    0-1 year: It will happen, and it might even be on time.
    1-5 years: It will happen, but double the estimate.
    5-10 years: It will happen, someday, but we’re missing at least one key technology
    10-20 years: We’re not sure it will ever happen, and we don’t know what the solution will look like
    20+ years: Look, it’s not going to happen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from more research

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