Open Letter To Governor Scott Walker

To:  Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconson and current #1 on my short list for President in 2016
From:  Mitch Berg, Irate Peasant
Re:  The Evil In Your State

Governor Walker,

As you are aware – since it’s been used against you – your state has a cranny in its law that allows prosecutors (inevitably “progressives”) to use the police to simultaneously harass and gag the subjects of their politically-motivated “investigations” (inevitably conservatives and tea-partiers).

For the family of “Rachel” (not her real name), the ordeal began before dawn — with the same loud, insistent knocking. Still in her pajamas, Rachel answered the door and saw uniformed police, poised to enter her home. When Rachel asked to wake her children herself, the officer insisted on walking into their rooms. The kids woke to an armed officer, standing near their beds. TOP STORY: Ted Cruz Defends His Defense of the Second Amendment The entire family was herded into one room, and there they watched as the police carried off their personal possessions, including items that had nothing to do with the subject of the search warrant — even her daughter’s computer.

And for a  nice, Stalinist tinge to the whole thing?

And, yes, there were the warnings. Don’t call your lawyer. Don’t talk to anyone about this. Don’t tell your friends. The kids watched — alarmed — as the school bus drove by, with the students inside watching the spectacle of uniformed police surrounding the house, carrying out the family’s belongings. Yet they were told they couldn’t tell anyone at school. They, too, had to remain silent.

Governor Walker – if you want to seize the “liberty” high ground from Rand Paul, I urge you to use the full weight of your office against the public officials responsible for these Stalinist atrocities.

Your state’s “progressive” thugs in suits are doing Orwell proud:

  For dozens of conservatives, the years since Scott Walker’s first election as governor of Wisconsin transformed the state — known for pro-football championships, good cheese, and a population with a reputation for being unfailingly polite — into a place where conservatives have faced early-morning raids, multi-year secretive criminal investigations, slanderous and selective leaks to sympathetic media, and intrusive electronic snooping. Yes, Wisconsin…was giving birth to a new progressive idea, the use of law enforcement as a political instrument, as a weapon to attempt to undo election results, shame opponents, and ruin lives.

Oh, the court system is wending its leisurely way toward a decision, surely enough:

The first ruling, from the Wisconsin supreme court, could halt the investigations for good, in part by declaring that the “misconduct” being investigated isn’t misconduct at all but the simple exercise of First Amendment rights. The second ruling, from the United States Supreme Court, could grant review on a federal lawsuit brought by Wisconsin political activist Eric O’Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth, the first conservatives to challenge the investigations head-on. If the Court grants review, it could not only halt the investigations but also begin the process of holding accountable those public officials who have so abused their powers. 

I’m going to hope and pray – and maybe find something more tangible to do – that the courts involved haven’t given in to complete madness, and that this whole criminal enterprise is exposed, humiliated and obliterated.

And so, Governor Walker, I’ll ask you this:  if the courts rule against the scumbag prosecutors (and if they don’t, I truly despair for the Republic), I’d like to urge you to make examples of these pieces of human garbage.  Arrest them in no-knock raids early in the morning; haul them out of their houses, in their underwear, in front of news cameras (and if Wisconsin’s chickensh*t liberal major media won’t cover it, give the conservative alt-media a call).  Have the trials on camera.   If they’re found guilty – and they’d best be – then stick them in the most maximum of maximum security.

Because if there’s anything worse than breaking the law, it’s perverting it.  And the sooner America’s Brahmins, the Prosecutor class in “progressive” cities, get the message – and the more brutally it’s rammed home until they do – the sooner this country can maybe start achieving some of that “Freedom” and “Liberty” mumbo jumbo.

That is all.

18 thoughts on “Open Letter To Governor Scott Walker

  1. The kerfuffle Justice Shirley Abrahamson is making in federal court to keep her position as Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court ( even though the Wisconsin Constitution was just changed virtually assuring that she will loose the position) is tied to the disposition of the “John Doe” investigations since the Chief Justice sets the docket. If she looses her position things change for those prosecutors.

  2. There were Youtube videos out there that were incredibly scary. One of a bus carrying Republican state legislatures being attacked (why wasn’t this news?). Another of a very nasty protest when Gov’r Walker was speaking at a technical college in….I think Kenosha. Of course the teachers union (WEAC) on their home page, posted Governor Walkers speaking schedule, and instructed the teachers to bring horns and drums to these venues and try to prevent him from being heard.

  3. Or Walker could work to repeal the law that authorizes this. Dare the Democrats to stand for it–that’ll play well in minority neighborhoods, don’t ya think? I bet those in the state with memories of such treatment might like to know this.

  4. Kel is right about Abrahamson. If she loses the ability to control the agenda at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, it’s all gonna come out.

    Walker is waiting because eventually he is going to win this, as he has with everything else. And when the script flips, he’ll take action quickly, which will feed into his narrative for his presidential run. His patience has been rewarded thus far and it will be in this case as well.

  5. You all are, of course, correct.

    My post is just indulging my inner desire to see National Guard tanks hauling blubbering prosecutors away in shackles. Preferably after a sound tasing.

    Cooler heads will no doubt prevail. And that’s a good thing.

  6. Mitch…I share your inner desire.

    However their actions are criminal, and I envision another in a long line of under the rug sweeping and no actual consequences.

  7. Tar and feathers, followed by being run out of town riding a split rail post, with splinters.

  8. Pine Tar isn’t asphalt, it’s sticky black stuff made from boiling down pine sap. Pine Tar is the stuff traditionally used to apply the Tar And Feathers that Instapundit keeps talking about, as a remedy for public officials getting too big for their britches.

    In cases like this, I’m all for the old ways. And Wisconsin has a LOT of pine trees. This is the sole area where I’m a Liberal:
    I favor a Liberal application of Tar and Feathers to these guys.

  9. Mitch used to refer to the gun-grabbers as “orcs.” There is truth to this description. Some years ago I looked into the academic struggle, at Oxford, between the idealists and the realists circa 1900-1930. The struggle was to determine the modern world view. The struggle took place within the humanities disciplines — literature, philosophy, economics, etc. Realists were people like Bertrand Russell, Bullwer-Lytton, and J.M. Keynes. On the other side there was no one you’ve ever heard of, except C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.
    The Idealists lost the intellectual battle, for reasons that are too complicated to get into a short space. We now live in the Realists world.
    I am convinced that the ring in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was a metaphor for the totalitarianism that the Idealists believed was the certain goal of the Realists. Sauron represented the totalitarian spirit. If you look at how Sauron’s possession of the ring would have transformed Middle earth, and compare it to the only goal of Orwell’s Big Brother, you see that they are the same. Both Sauron and Big Brother wanted to survey the world and find nothing that was not of them. Sauron wanted to see only Sauron wherever he looked, Big Brother wanted to see only Big Brother wherever he looked.
    Sauron’s opponents won because they would not break. Especially they would not give into despair. In LOTR, you see that all of the opponents of Sauron who did break, Saruman, Boromir, Denethor, even Galadriel, gave in to despair. The opponents of Sauron who were victorious battled with despair, but were not broken by it.
    I’ll make my stand with the hobbits.

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  11. Could it be that Walker has been silent on this issue is because there could be something damning on those “appropriated” computers seized in the raids? Just asking the question.

  12. PM – you might be interested in the book “Tolkien and the Great War” by John Garth. It describes the hopes and philosophies of Tolkien and his closest friends at Oxford before WWI and their – mostly fatal – experiences in the war, and the mortal wounds suffered by idealism in the process. Most folks assume that the LOTR was a WWII allegory, but JRR’s vision of Middle Earth took root in his early youth and the ultimate direction of his masterpiece was shaped by the grim waste of the war and its idealogical aftermarth. It’s understandable that people assume the WWII connection, since that war war really a continuation of the first; and Tolkien recognized the roots and consequences.

  13. Stink, I think the history of the court cases indicates what any legal observer would tell you; you look enough, you will find something that looks bad. The relevant question is the 4th Amendment issue, as well as the 1st Amendment issue, IMO.

  14. Could it be that Walker has been silent on this issue is because there could be something damning on those “appropriated” computers seized in the raids? Just asking the question.

    Or maybe he’s just smart enough to take his lawyer’s advice and let them do their job rather than attempt to try a case in the court of public opinion.

  15. Bubba: You’re right. The Fourth Amendment is supposed to be presumed, but the Constitution is, according to the axiom of the day, is open for interpretation.

  16. Mitch used to refer to the gun-grabbers as “orcs.”

    And I still do.

    And there’s a post – or maybe my next e-book – wrapped up in the rest of your comment.

  17. Thanks Night Writer- I’ve just ordered Tolkien and the Great War for my Kindle app.

  18. BTW, I once saw an interview with an old WWI soldier on a program called, I believe, “Last Voices of the First World War.” This Brit described the most horrific thing he had seen in France, in the battle of Ypres (not sure if it was 1st or 2nd). He was on a lone patrol at night through the flooded craters left by artillery shells, and a thunderstorm was brewing. At every flash of lightning he could see the rotting bodies of dead soldiers floating just beneath the water’s surface of the flooded craters. This old soldier had probably had probably never heard of Tolkien or Lord of the Rings, but I am sure that this nightmarish vision is what Tolkien drew on when he wrote the “Dead Marshes” sequence in LOTR.

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