Monday:  “If they punch, punch back twice as hard!”

Friday: “Can’t we all just get along?

Trying to lower the temperature of the health care fight, President Barack Obama on Friday denounced news media emphasis on angry protesters at town-hall meetings.

Obama ventured west for the latest of his own town hall-style events, fielding polite but occasionally tough questions — one man declaring the president couldn’t pay for his plan without raising taxes. Tieless and rolling up his sleeves in campaign mode, Obama pitched his overhaul plan to a crowd in an airport hangar near Bozeman.

The president didn’t deny that there have been angry outbursts by foes of his plan at town halls featuring Democratic lawmakers this month. But he said that was hardly the whole story.

“TV loves a ruckus,” Obama said. “What you haven’t seen on TV and what makes me proud are the many constructive meetings going on all over the country.”

If you fight by Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, don’t be suprise if Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals get used against you.

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  2. They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the hospital, but then you have his case reviewed by one of them scary death panels.

  3. In this speech Obama referred to giving health insurance to ’46 million people’, not 46 million Americans, which at least is a start towards honesty. Go Obama!
    However, I thought that the latest proposal did not cover illegals. If so Obama got the number wrong, and it should be 36 million people. Bad Obama!
    The truth is this is not Obama’s bill, it is Reid’s and Pelosi’s bill. He’ll sign whatever these hacks put on his desk. So why is AP covering Obama’s health care speeches at all? It’s not as though he’s going to tell them ‘I will not sign this unless it includes so-and-so’ or ‘I will not sign this bill unless it excludes such-and-such’. Obama has put himself in the position of having to buy a pig in a poke and then sell it to the American people. He ain’t doing so well at that.

    Here’s what a commenter had to say about Mitch’s post on hotair.com:

    “Uncle”?!?!? You come in here trashtalking my parents, running up the kids’ credit cards, calling good upstanding people “Nazis”, pouring money down every socialist wet-dream rathole that couldn’t get funded over the last 30 years, lording it over people like you’re God’s anointed, calling first responders “stupid”, blowing up 2/3 of the US auto industry, trashing the nation’s credit rating so that you can reward your buds at Goldman Sachs….and you want to say “Uncle” and get a do-over?

    There ain’t no more do-overs. From here it’s a b*tch-slap into next week.

    cthulhu on August 14, 2009 at 8:50 PM

  4. That’s correct. Notice Obama keeps talking about “his plan,’ which exists nowhere except in his vivid socialist-leaning imagination. The only reason he can say that this “plan” works perfectly and has none of the drawbacks of the real legislation is because it is wholly imaginary, created of good (we assume) intentions and paid for by taxing the syrup from lollipop trees.

  5. I think that the nurses ought to chime in on this:

    OAKLAND, Calif., April 24 /PRNewswire/ — Desperate to hide the truth about a brutal attack on a labor conference in Michigan April 12, Andy Stern’s Service Employees International Union is now peddling a video that does not show the violence … as proof that the attack never happened. Stern’s denials contradict dozens of first-person accounts of journalists, non- partisan trade unionists, and the organizers of the conference.


  6. AC us unfamiliar with how “Case Management” works. If you have appendicitis, you have an “Appendix Panel” – usually a manager – who decides the best combination of treatments and facilities for someone with your age and overall health to treat your appendix. If your kidneys are failing, a “kidney panel” – one or more case manegers – will decide what’s the best, most cost-effective way to treat someone of your age and overall health with renal failure; dislysis, translant, palliative care, hospice, or whatever.

    And if you have stage II lymphoma? Yep. Some combination of case managers will decide what kind of care you get, depending again on your age, overall health and so forth. And by “what kind”, it means “how much we’re willing to spend on someone your age”.

    IT may sound overdramatic to call it a “death panel”, but that’s how it works.

    Of course, today they’re mostly private. When the government is doing it, ande there are no other options…?

  7. Curious…

    When a guy goes in for treatment for a hang nail, and AssClown is mistaken for a huge, misshapen hemorrhoid on the guy’s ass, will he be shuttled off to the Hemi panel?


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