My Evil Twin Jed Is Back

Periodically, I feature work from my evil twin brother Jed. 

Jed isn’t “evil”, per se.  It’s just that twins are just that much more dramatic when they are one’s diametric opposite.  And Jed loves drama.

He also loves trying new things.  He’s changed careers.  Again.  After spending five years as a forensic intellectual property lawyer, he’s decided to change paths, and become a cartoonist.  With that in mind, he’s sent me the first strip of his first effort, called “Planet Terry”.  I’ll let Jed describe it:

Planet Terry is the story of a young planet trying to find its way in the universe. 

Here it is:


I dont’ know that it’s all that good. I don’t know much about cartooning – just the obvious stuff, like “Swiftee’s a better cartoonist than Ken Weiner”.

Anyway. Jed wanted to say hi.


I think we’re all set!

17 thoughts on “My Evil Twin Jed Is Back

  1. I thought poop-blogging was the exclusive domain of a certain Learned Foot, over at the Kool Aid Report?

    Are you certain you want to step in his yard?


  2. Mmmmm…Fleen. Now there’s a body of work that will endure the test of time.

    Unlike, say, Ken Weiner’s pathetic scribbling, which depended upon the public’s appetite for grainy porn rags like “Screw” magazine for an audience (FAIL), Fleen stands on it’s own artistic genius.

    Why yes; I would like more Fleen, please.

  3. Dang, Flush! I thought you’d be sleeping in this morning; what with having been up all night deleting the uncomfortable truth from your comments (per your SorosContract).

    So, Kool-aid is a stimulant *and* a hallucinogen. Who knew?

    Anyway, I’d say that when it comes to being full of shit, you’ve pretty much taken the field.


  4. Flash is going to Scranton, and he put out a Bleg.

    Swiftee points out perceived hypocrisy. He also points out that Flash is whacking comments, which may or may not be good form, but is in fact the blog-owner’s choice.

    I’ll point out in return that Flash is about as close to a moderate and a free-marketeer as you’ll find among local leftybloggers – that is in fact true, in part because so very many local leftybloggers are such insane fabian wackjobs – and that the band trip is in fact a privately-financed venture; we’re not floating it with tax money. This is a good thing.

    Swiftee is right – the DFL as a whole is intensely hypocritical on the issue, and needs to get taken to task. And nobody takes people to task like Swiftee.

    I think I’ve summed it all up correctly.

    Since Flash and Swiftee are both friends of mine, this puts me in a rather awkward position. So with all due respect to everyone involved, I’d like this debate to continue in another forum.

    Think we can do that?

  5. “we’re not floating it with tax money.”

    “I think I’ve summed it all up correctly. ”

    Not exactly. Donations are tax deductible. So tax revenue is decreased with each donation. Perfectly legal, and perfectly acceptable as long as you don’t throw a hissy fit about needing more revenue for the children and the elderly.

  6. Someone ought to create a blog where arguing bloggers can go to have a blog-rumble… keeping the normal blogs safe from excessive “so’s your old man” posts.

    Just think of it… the other blogs link to it in the Comments section (perhaps as an invitation to blog-rumble), so folks can go do that voodoo they do so well… and bystanders can always watch!

    It’s brilliant!!!

  7. Actually, Jed’s appearance is sort of prescient. I’ve been kicking around the idea of resurrecting my peer acclaimed strip “Life in the Dumpster”, but this morning I had an epiphany.

    Check it out.

    Today, on the West coast, a crowd of morons will gather to pay tribute to a degenerate pedophile while simultaneously on the East coast a similarly witless crew will assemble to provide the same service for a degenerate pornographer, swindler of children’s charities and liar.

    It’s just too much to be a coincidence.

    So I’ve decided not to resurrect LitD, but will create a new strip which I have temporarily entitled “Life with Senator Scumbag”.

    I can only hope that it receives the same warm welcome from the cartooning community that LitD did.

  8. “…deleting the uncomfortable truth from your comments (per your SorosContract).”

    Swiftee nails it!!!

    Mitch, I take it that Jed made a lot of money as a Burbot.

  9. Retired, is that what it was?

    I thought you were just taking an exceptionally long bathroom break.


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