It Could Happen To Anyone

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a piece about Tina Flint Smith, Minnesota’s first whore. Having someone like that in the office of lieutenant governor would serve to concentrate all of the power of the executive office…

… wait – did I just call Tina Flint Smith a whore?

Dang.  That’s bizarre.

Anyway – I was talking with a Republican friend about “Take Action Minnesota”, the community organizing group run by that door-to-door, bore-on-the-floor whore Greta Bergstrom.  The group has been working overtime…

…What?  Really?  I did?  I called her a “whore?” Not only that, but concocted a cutesy rhyme to set it all off?  Oh, not again.  How could that possibly happen?

Well, I guess it just goes to show you it could happen to anyone.

Accidents!  Who knew?

Or at least that’s what the media wants you to think about – I’m sure it’s just a coincidence – a Democrat saying it about South Carolina governor Nikki Haley (emphasis added):

FLORENCE, S.C. (CBS Charlotte) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincet Sheheen is coming under fire for accidentally calling Gov. Nikki Haley a “whore” at a campaign event.

Sheheen was caught on video at an appearance in Florence last week stating “we are going to escort whore out the door” referring to Haley. His gaffe appeared to be a slip from the tongue and he quickly corrected himself stating “we’re going to escort her out the door.”

So Shaheen “accidentally” used a rhyming couplet, for which he corrected himself, before yukking it up with his peckerwood supporters?

But immediately after correcting himself, Sheheen has an almost gleeful interaction with the crowd and laughed at his gaffe. Video of the event has gone viral.

Who hasn’t had that happen, honestly?   

I’m imagining a world where the Democrat Party didn’t have a media “accidentally” serving as their Praetorian Guard.

8 thoughts on “It Could Happen To Anyone

  1. Yet, there is silence from the NOW and other feminist groups. I guess that they see the hypocrisy in prostituting themselves to the Democratic party.

  2. He should have called Haley a “sex worker”, ‘cuz that’s not an insult, it’s just a descriptive term, like “plumber” or “dentist”.

  3. He should have called Haley a “sex worker”, ‘cuz that’s not an insult, it’s just a descriptive term, like “plumber” or “dentist”.

    Jim Morrison preferred the term “erotic politician.”

  4. Or the Democrat web site that ran a nasty anti-Catholic post/cartoon against a Republican in Washington. Not sure if you allow links, so do a search on “Mark Miloscia Catholic” and look for the article in the Daily Olympian.

    I know it gets old, but I have to say…..imagine if a Republican group put up a nasty racist ad attacking a Democrat. It would be in every newspaper in the country.

  5. Coming from the party that still worships the unrepentant philandering predator Bill Clinton, such a story is as not-newsworthy as it is shameful.

    Still, you’d think that Sheheen’s party would at least be embarrassed by the fourth grade-level stupidity of such a remark if not by its basic impropriety.

  6. From David French:

    Here’s the lesson we have to learn again and again: For all too many on the left, their feelings are the true reverse of Sally Field’s famous Oscar speech. They hate us. They really, really hate us. And that hate burns with greater ferocity than does their love for peace or safety or security for their fellow citizens. And for conservative women or for black or Latino conservatives, the hatred burns especially hot.

    But the triumph of hate over principle isn’t confined to the realm of personal attacks but extends into core matters of constitutional liberty. The press gave up investigating the IRS’s systematic, years-long assault on dissenting speech long ago. After all, the IRS was only targeting the Tea Party and the pro-life movement, the Left’s most hated opponents

    Thankfully, there are liberals who see this reality and have responded with moral courage and genuine outrage. And, yes, conservatives — as fallen human beings — can be susceptible to the same impulses, but the modern Left has personalized politics to an alarming degree. I saw this 20 years ago at law school, when conservatives faced physical threats, saw their faces pasted on gay porn and posted in the halls, and even endured campaigns to force future employers to revoke offers of employment. We still see this in the academy, where the suppression of dissent is so pervasive that exposure to contrary ideas is seen as hurtful and “unsafe.” And now it’s infecting the marketplace, where individuals can be forced out of their jobs — not because of their job performance or treatment of their fellow workers — but because some on the left hate them and their values that much.

    The Democrats have always been about whipping up hatred between Americans.

  7. You know, libel is easier to prove against a politician, since they are presumed to have media access. Just sayin’.

  8. Sheheen is free to say whatever he wants because he doesn’t have an ice cubes chance in hell of being elected to anything.

    Outside Columbia, cockroaches are more welcome than Democrats.

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