What Once Were Crimes Are Now Diversions

It’s hard to keep up with all the Change since Obama took office.

As we’ve noted in this space, it used to be that dissent from the government – which was seen, from 2001 to 2008, as the supreme manifestation of patriotism – is suddenly actually UnAmerican.

And now, it seems that rape – which was once, by non-partisan consensus, considered in many ways just as bad as murder – is now the height of comedy.

From Pink Elephant Pundit:

Playboy writer Guy Cimbalo published what might be one of the most offensive articles I’ve seen in a long time. I ranted about it on RFC Radio earlier, but I am still fired up enough to express my fury in words.

Top 10 Conservative Women We’d Love To Hate F**. What a sick, twisted, horrible premise. They list all the heavy hitting conservative women you’d expect – Michelle Malkin being at the head of the pack, and the notable absence of Ann Coulter. He then proceed to talk about why they’re attractive, why he hates them, and the “hate f*** rating”.

“Hate F***” is apparently what all the hip kids call “rape” these days.  I’d have figured it would be more like “Hate Powermongering”, but I guess I’m not hip to all the “change” going on these days.

The list?

A few highlights:

Michelle Malkin

This highly f***able Filipina is a massively popular blogger who is known to dress up like a cheerleader on occasion (see video). She’s also a regular on Fox News, where her tight body and get-off-my-lawn stare just scream, “Do me!”

Mary Katherine Ham

You get this one pregnant, she stays pregnant. Karma’s a b*tch, isn’t it?

Amanda Carpenter

She is also a columnist at TownHall, a website for illiterates who disprove evolution by their very existence.

Mind you, this isn’t a posting at some drooling lobotoblog like Cucking Splotch or Minnesota Tragedy of Spyrochaetal Paresis “Progressive” Project.  This is Playboy – the “legit” media (as long as you read for the articles). The rest of the list includes:

Megyn Kelly

Elisabeth HasselbeckDana Perino

Laura Ingraham

Pamela Geller

Michele Bachmann

Peggy Noonan

Back to Tabitha:

Aside from getting the facts wrong re: Carpenter [she’s not with Townhall], the entire thing is vile, unmasked hatred. It’s sick. It’s wrong. It’s something that, unfortunately, many conservative women are too used to.

Apparently being a conservative undermines our femininity? Much in the way that being a black conservative or gay conservative undermines their elevated status as a minority in the eyes of the Left, women on the Right are ignored, abused, and hated. As a conservative woman, I have only been in the line of fire a relatively short time, but have experienced this first hand. Nothing is off limits regarding personal attacks. The double standard is completely nauseating. If this list had been published containing women like Katie Couric, Soledad O’Brien, and other liberal women, it would be front page news. There would be attempts on the author’s life. Instead, Guy Cimbalo, the tool responsible for this, is proud of what he did. Amanda Carpenter, who was included in the list, pointed out that Cimbalo has said he’s proud of his article, and is adding fuel to the fire. He sent out a link, asking people to “join in the fun”.

Cimbalo also took a swipe at Michele Bachmann; “Chemical castration would be preferable”, he said, providing a point on which I’m sure he and Bachmann agree.
No surprise coming from Tabitha Hale, who is basically a junior-size Laura Ingraham.

But I thought; what do the leftybloggers think about this?

“Megan” from Jezebel:

Because it’s not as if Cimbalo does anything in his piece but slag on these women for having the audacity to be attractive, conservative, opinionated and loud about those opinions. In other words, if he didn’t agree with us mouthy liberal broads, he wouldn’t want to fuck us either, and apparently prefers his women quiet and agreeable. And that – no matter what your politics are – is just gross….So, liberal ladies, just make sure you keep your opinions to yourself, never get old, never get a high-powered career and goodness knows don’t disagree with Guy Cimbalo or, like George H.W. Bush, he might not want to fuck you. And you wouldn’t want that.

Emily Kaiser at City Pages:

You’ve got to love a man who tears apart women for having an opinion, some power, and something to say that differs from his own. At least your looks make you good enough for one hate-fuck out of the deal with this sleazy guy.

We’re not the usual voice to speak up for Bachmann, but this column should be a painful read for anyone who has the slightest respect for women, conservative or liberal.

I have to admit, I am so cynical about the local lefty alt-media, I expected worse.  I’m happy to admit I shorted Ms. Kaiser.

And even Jeff Fecke, who is normally one to abase and prostrate the entire male gender and take the odd squib thwack at conservatives (especially Rep. Bachmann);Jeff’s not amused either:

This is seven kinds of despicable, and it is a reminder that there are plenty of fauxgressives running around who somehow think one can be a good liberal and still hate women. One can’t. By all means, attack the politics of Malkin, Coulter, Ingraham and Bachmann. But do so by attacking their politics, not by asserting that their vaginas make them an inviting target for defiling.

Well, good; we’re largely agreed that rape is a bad thing, even for conservative women.

Of course, the left does treat conservative women differently than the politically correct ones; a good chunk of the media and left think that conservative women (like conservative blacks, hispanics and gays) deserve what they get; that a major, dare we say “mainstream” (at least within the realm of soft-core pr0n) publication would think of publishing it, much less pay for it, says something about the outlook of an influential minority (or so I hope) in the media.

The piece was pulled from Playboy’s site not long after the bipartisan wave of revulsion impacted.  Hopefully Mr. Cimballo will get his wish; he seems to have “hate-f***ed” his own career.

4 thoughts on “What Once Were Crimes Are Now Diversions

  1. Mitch said: “Hate F***” is apparently what all the hip kids call “rape” these days.

    So that’s your premise? I think you need to talk to some of the hip kids. Cause, not so much.

  2. I think my premise is more like “Cimbello is a moron”.

    Cause, not so much

    Gosh, d’ya think?

  3. One can just picture Feckless Jeffy clinging to his honorary spam purse, tears streaming down his face, as he tapped out his indignation. “But for the grace of the godess, there go I!!” (sob)

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