Illinois Democrats Enforce Fugitive Slave Act

Black Chicago preacher endorses the GOP candidate for governor of Illinois over the loathsome Pat Quinn…

…and gets robbed, along with death threats:

Corey Brooks, a South Side pastor featured in an ad endorsing Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, says he’s moved his family from his home while police investigate an overnight burglary of his church, as well as threatening derogatory phone calls he received which claim he’ll be beaten for being Rauner’s “puppet.”

On Saturday, Brooks rushed to the New Beginnings Church of Chicago after a maintenance employee found the church’s back doors shattered and an estimated $8,000 stolen from a glass charity box, meant to build a community center across from the church.

Democrat apologists will no doubt say that it was just typical street crime. 

How many common thug burglars operate from a political/racial agenda?   Emphasis added below:

“The death threats seem to be related to [GOP candidate] Bruce Rauner,” Brooks said at the church Saturday. “They say his name as well as mine and most of the references were in response to me in support of him. So it’s really derogatory, real racial, a lot of homophobic words. It’s real life threatening.”

Brooks said he received the five phone calls on Friday. He recorded one of them, and provided it to police. In that call, which was played for the Sun-Times, a man’s voice is disguised via a high-pitched filter. He is heard calling Brooks a “token n—–.”

How many common burglars in Chicago would you think even know the GOP endorsed a candidate, much less take the time to pitch-shift their voice on the phone?

Their message sounds a little like Minnesota Progressive Project reads:

“We on you boy, we on you. And you ain’t got nobody that can stop us, nobody. Who you go [to] the deacons? They can’t stop us. We going to beat your fat a– in front of your mama congregation Sunday. Yeah we going to steal the sheep of the hypocrite. You’s a hypocrite we going to beat your fat a– in front of your own congregation. Who you got that…f— we going to beat their a– too. They can’t protect you. You sell out you Uncle Tom a– n—–. You token. You a puppet for Bruce Rauner you puppet n—– a–. P—- a– n—–,” the voice says on the recording.

Read the whole, disgusting thing.

And imagine if it would be different here in Minnesota if a black pastor in North Minneapolis or Frogtown broke from the DFL. 

I’d bet $20 on “no”, but I’ll forgive you for not taking the bet.

8 thoughts on “Illinois Democrats Enforce Fugitive Slave Act

  1. The “other” local news-talk station had a guest on recently named Natonia Johnson who I believe shocked even the hosts with her outspoken views regarding certain Minneapolis activists, their non-profits, and the DFL in general.

    (Don’t know how to hyperlink):

    I remember thinking at the time how courageous she was for speaking so freely on the air.

  2. To win, Democrats need blacks to vote 90% Dem, Hispanics, 65%, Women 55%. I think that is why they get so angry to those who may crack the lockhold the Dems have on certain groups.

    May be related to why the left gets so angry when you bring up the fact that Obama isn’t a true traditional African American (decended from slavery, parents from Jim Crow days). That he mearly has black skin due because his mother was banging a guy from Kenya. Its not the story they want.

  3. You may rest assured that the New York Times, NPR, and, most importantly, the DoJ,will be digging into this with the persistence and ferocity of a bulldog.

  4. Jesse Jackson is on the phone with Sharpton right now offering his guest room when he gets in town for the rally.

  5. “Jesse Jackson is on the phone with Sharpton right now offering his guest mistress when he gets in town for the rally.”

    fixed that for ya

  6. Maybe it’s time to take down that “no guns allowed on these premises” from the church so the pastor can exercise his second amendment rights?

  7. Apparently, Mr. Booker has company.

    On Fox news this morning, they aired a couple of black men discussing how much worse off they are under Democrats. It looks like some people are getting wise to the fact that they are just slaves on the Democrat plantation of misery and poverty. The guest speaker, whose name escapes me, pointed out the main problem – blacks overall are too invested in Obama’s race and not his policies.

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