Three Shockers

Three new polls indicate that the “good year for the GOP’ might not stop at the Saint Croix:

The first two are, of course, internal polls.  It’s possible they’re self-serving – although generally the parties are paying good money for the internal polls, and want them to be accurate.  They are, of course, intended to start a “bandwagon effect”, convincing voters who are inclined to be friendly that their support can be rewarded, and likely opponents to stay home and avoid the futility. 

Sort of like the DFL, ABM and mainstream media (ptr) have been doing to make DFL wins feel inevitable. 

Three weeks ’til the election?  This is huge. 

Also – with the Democrats pulling their money out of Kentucky and Colorado, look for Al Franken to get a wad of cash, as Democrats around the country start to realize Senator Smalley is a lot more vulnerable than the local media let on.

2 thoughts on “Three Shockers

  1. As people have noted, when the old guy is running commercials attacking Stewart Mills haircut, you know he is getting desperate.

    Related….I spent about an hour in a Mills Fleet Farm yesterday. It was quality time. A few years ago, a smart person said that Woody Allen is the face of the Democrat party, while John Wayne respresents our side. Well, in Minnesota, coke snorting comedian Al Franken represents the DFL, while the man who owns “the man mall”, is the Republican.

  2. Mitch:

    Wow Peterson is that old! That means he’s 868 years. He must have discovered America since Columbus only did it 522 years ago. I guess Columbus day should be changed to Collin Peterson Day.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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