For Whom The Shill Polls

As part of a campaign to portray his election inevitable, because the economy is juuuuust hunky dory, Governor Messinger Dayton and his praetorian guard, the Twin Cities media, is pushing hard the notion that unemployment is down. 

Jeff Johnson rightly responds that underemployment – people working for less than they’re qualified for, because they’re taking any job they can get – is endemic and growing – a claim supported by the fact that tax revenues have not only fallen short of forecasts every month since the DFL budget took hold, but that the revenues are falling farther and farther behind. 

The media, especially the Strib, is in full cover mode, doing its best to downplay the underemployment statistics while cheerleading the top-line unemployment figures.

The interesting part?  The Strib itself, in the form of Lori Sturdevant – hardly a GOP sympathizer – last spring

So which is it, Strib?  A huge problem, or no problem at all (until December)?

Go ahead.  Tell me the media isn’t actively working to get Governor Messinger Flint-Smith Dayton re-elected.

3 thoughts on “For Whom The Shill Polls

  1. While going about my day lately, I’ve seen a large number of part-time help wanted – type signs in shop windows. While I’ve yet to see one that an adult would want to take, let alone could live off of, such an appearance of job availability would likely be enough to convince many that there is not a significant unemployment issue.

  2. The Obummer economy is producing many jobs, it’s just that the talents you need for jobs in this economy aren’t even GED level.

    So it’s no wonder the Demonrats are pushing the minimum wage idea: they’re killing the middle of the economy, and the only way to get make their policies seem palatable to all the people who are now being forced to settle for underemployment is to make the minimum wage higher. When that fails, they’ll make everyone state employees to “fix” the problem.

  3. My son and his fiance, both college grads of 2012, have been under employed since graduation. Last weekend they relocated to Dallas, TX for better prospects. He interviewed for a job yesterday that he appears to have a very good chance of getting and would have pay of about 40% more than what he was getting here.

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